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Atomos shows off Cloud Studio Tools for live video production at the NAB

Atomos shows off Cloud Studio Tools for live video production at the NAB

[12:52 sat,23.April 2022   by ]    

Complementing the introduction of the Shogun Connect and the Atomos Connect extension for Ninja V/V+, Atomos announces some cloud tools for (live) video production. Atomos Cloud Studio, it seems, was developed in collaboration with MAVIS, the team behind the professional iOS Pro camera app of the same name, and consists of ATOMOS Capture to Cloud, ATOMOS Stream and ATOMOS Live Production.
§pic1§:Ninja V/V+ with Atomos Connect extension.
ATOMOS Cloud Studio Services are scheduled to be available in June and will be free for an initial promotional period of three months. Subscription plans are to be introduced starting in September, with prices ranging from ./create.pl to per month.

ATOMOS Capture to Cloud

With Capture to Cloud, Atomos is effectively bringing the intelligence of Connect network functionality to cloud platforms other than Frame.io. Recordings from an HDMI-connected camera can be sent directly from a compatible Atomos recorder to the cloud service, even while recording is still in progress as smaller proxy files in H.265. Atomos AirGlu Wireless Timecode for seamless synchronization of multiple cameras is also supported.


Through Atomos Stream, recordings from a Shogun Connect or a Ninja V/V+ with an
Atomos Connect extension can be sent directly to a streaming platform such as Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube and the like. A "restreaming" function will follow later in the year to send videos to multiple platforms (apparently for an additional charge).

ATOMOS Live Production


A complete cloud-based control room for live video and remote collaboration will also be part of Atomos Cloud Studio. Live Production is said to make it possible to produce a live show, even with multi-camera shoots, in the highest quality at a fraction of the usual cost. The toolset includes a full-featured video switcher and sound mixer with video effects and graphics, as well as talkback.

All types of cameras are supported, from broadcast camcorders to DSLR/DSLM to smartphones. With the new Atomos Connect or Shogun Connect devices, camera feeds are streamed to the live production system. Using a protocol with - according to Atomos - extremely low latency, each stream can be controlled in real time from anywhere via a browser, iPad app or the like. Once logged into the system, crew members can follow the action, direct, produce, mix and more, regardless of their location. Built-in live talkback technology keeps team members connected and allows an iPhone to be connected so team members can communicate directly and easily.

ATOMOS Live Production is said to offer a completely new workflow that is easy to use and reduces the technical effort and costs associated with traditional productions.

Also: MAVIS Pro Camera for iOS with AirGlu and ProRes Support


The latest version of the professional camera app MAVIS Pro Camera (iOS only) supports ProRes recording up to 4K 30p on iPhone 13 Pro (+Max), as well as Atomos AirGlu technology for timecode synchronization. With AirGlu, Pro Camera communicates via Bluetooth wireless timecode protocol with ATOMOS UltraSync Blue, the new SHOGUN CONNECT, a NINJA V/V+ with AtomX SYNC or the new ATOMOS CONNECT accessories.

MAVIS Pro Camera

According to Atomos, the MAVIS Pro Camera for iOS will be available for free during NAB, though it&s unclear exactly how this is meant. The app is always free in the basic version, but certain functionalities have to be unlocked via in-app purchases. Whether these add-ons will be free for the next few days, we could not yet verify at this time.

Link more infos at bei f002.backblazeb2.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Atomos zeigt Cloud Studio Tools für die Live-Videoproduktion auf der NAB


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Atomos zeigt Cloud Studio Tools für die Live-Videoproduktion auf der NAB

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