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Audio Design Desk 1.7: Real-time editing tool for SFX now with DAW synchronization

Audio Design Desk 1.7: Real-time editing tool for SFX now with DAW synchronization

[14:49 sun,18.July 2021   by ]    

The latest version 1.7 of Audio Design Desk (ADD), the professional real-time editing tool for sound effects brings some interesting new features like the Spot mode, a trigger pad and the control of a DAW from Audio Design Desk or vice versa. In the meantime, the company behind Audio Design Desk has renamed itself, it is no longer called exactly the same as its product but SoundOn).


The new features in Audio Design Desk 1.7.0/1.7.1


New features
- Spot mode: allows you to use the 30,000 royalty-free SFX, loops and music cues from the ADD library in Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Pro Tools, Logic and Live.
- Trigger pad: real-time sound design via user-programmable triggers
- Transient detection in the Audio Editor for new samples: a new element detector lets you detect transients and create sync markers and element markers
- DAWSync: this makes it possible to control a DAW (such as Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic Pro or Studio One) from Audio Design Desk (or vice versa) - ADD can thus be used as a giant sampler
- Interactive tour
- MIDI timecode send support
- Added channel names for input selectors on tracks for hardware devices
- Timestamps throughout ADD are now formatted consistently
- Audio engine now uses the preferred output channel selection registered for that device
- Last projects have been sorted alphabetically, now back to newest project
- Confirmation on exit if a sound pack is currently being downloaded
- Improved management of replacement settings when no matches are found

Library improvements
- File management speed improvements
- Tree browser and file list tables throughout the ADD now dynamically display file durations in short or long format, depending on available screen space
- Startup improvements when sound packs need to be re-indexed. The user is now told what is invalid and can choose to rebuild the index or not. Solves the problem of long startup times when there are invalid sound packs in the library
- Exact string hits in search in quotes
- Replace panel: update to better restrict content to selected sound packs dynamically

Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements
- Transport timecode input panel now accepts timecode entered without separators
- TimecodeTimecode im Glossar erklärt ruler now correctly displays consistent timecode stamps for all frame rates
- Fixed rare video sync and localization issues when displaying the timeline
- Video thumbnails were incorrectly offset when project start was moved
- YouTube was not accessible
- Audio editor rendering fixes
- Improvements in background rendering
- Improved logic for audio engine overload notifications.
- Added numeric key commands (1...9) to the start dialog for quick selection of the last project
- ADD tags: conversion from MONO Wave to M4A failed if bitrate was above 256.

Availability and price

Audio Design Desk (macOS Universal Build for Intel and Apple Silicon) is currently still available as part of an introductory promotion discounted by 75% in a per month version for use of the results on the Internet, and a per month version (or about one time) for worldwide use on the Internet and TV. The free version introduced with the 1.2 update is no longer offered, but there is a 30-day demo version. Audio Design Desk works with the most popular editing programs, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve and Avid Media Composer.


What makes Audio Design Desk special?

Audio Design Desk, complete with its own SFX library, was created by industry professionals specifically for SFX dubbing of movies. It allows extremely fast real-time editing of sound effects (SFX) in your own timeline using a new intuitive operating concept. To search for specific sounds, you never leave the timeline: in a separate area, you can search for specific sounds from the now 30,000-sample library.

The highlight here is the sync point defined for each sample, as well as a series of characteristics according to which the sounds can be filtered by the user. The selected sound effect is then assigned a key by means of which it can be inserted into the timeline during playback of the video.

Thus, while the video is playing (at full or slowed down speed), various sounds can be inserted at exactly the right place in the timeline by pressing a key. For this purpose, the individual SFX are equipped with metadata such as the sync point, which allows the program to recognize exactly where the sample should be placed for the appropriate sound impression.

For example, the sound of a sword clashing is inserted in such a way that the clash of two swords sounds exactly when the blades cross in the image. Audio Design Desk is used live similar to an instrument. This saves the time that is normally needed in SFX editing to synchronize the sounds exactly with the image - the beginning of a sample is rarely the place that should be in sync.

Also useful is the function to automatically replace already set sound effects with alternative (or completely different) ones - so you can quickly try out completely new sound alternatives.

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Audio Design Desk 1.7: Echtzeit-Editing Tool für SFX jetzt mit DAW Synchronisation

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