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BBC documentary film festival Longshots 2021: Watch films online and vote

BBC documentary film festival Longshots 2021: Watch films online and vote

[18:16 thu,26.August 2021   by ]    

For the second time, the BBC is hosting the online documentary film festival Longshots and, for this purpose, has created an alliance of 13 prestigious film festivals from around the world to present the most interesting recent works in the field of non-fiction.

The films participating in LongShots were selected from a list of 110 films nominated by a network of 13 prestigious festivals around the globe, from countries ranging from Argentina to India and China to Kosovo. From these 110 films, BBC Reel has selected 13 finalists - one per festival - to participate in this year&s online competition, which will be presented to a global audience through the "LongShots" festival. Film lovers around the world will have the opportunity to watch interesting films from different countries on very different topics at home.


Last year, more than 10,000 people around the world voted for their favorite LongShots film, and the festival received more than 1.5 million page views on BBC Reel. The seven films reached 400,000 video views, with the most successful film being viewed 100,000 times.

In addition to the Audience Award, which is voted on by BBC&s global audience, an international jury of four film industry figures will decide the festival&s top prize. The deadline for voting is 12:00 BST on Tuesday, August 31, 2021. Attendees can vote up to three times. The winner of the Audience Choice Award will be announced on Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

The participating films.

When choosing the appropriate films for a small documentary evening at home, perhaps the playlist of trailers of the 13 films will help.

Selected films

- Transnistria (Transnistria): intimate portraits of teenagers in an unrecognized Soviet territory.

- The Viewing Booth (U.S., Israel, Palestine): new insights into the most controversial videos from the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

- The School of Housewives (Iceland): The Nordic school that creates the perfect housewife

- Moti Bagh (India): The disappearing village where giant radishes grow

- Dream in Silence (US/China): Why it&s never too late to create your masterpiece

- Soldier (Argentina): The surreal life of a soldier in a country at peace

- Kosher Beach (Israel): Insights into the secluded beach for Orthodox Jewish women

- The Swing (Lebanon): Would you lie to your father on his deathbed?

- Baronesa (Brazil): Life in one of the world&s most dangerous neighborhoods

- Maricarmen (Mexico): What life is really like when you are blind

The Letter (Kenya): The tangled story of deadly witchcraft accusations

- Los Reyes (Chile): Drugs, dogs and dates in a city park

- The Kiosk (France): the missing Parisian kiosk that sells dreams

Participating festivals and institutions

- Docaviv (Israel)
- Docs Lisboa (Portugal)
- Dokufest (Kosovo)
- Encounters South Africa (South Africa)
- El Gouna Film Festival (Egypt)
- Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata (Argentina)
- First Look (USA)
- Guangzhou Int. Documentary Film Festival (China)
- International Film Festival of Kerala (India)
- Jeonju IFF (South Korea)
- Cinema Tropical (USA for South America)
- Reykjavik International Film Festival (Iceland)
- Docs Mx (Mexico)

Link more infos at bei www.bbc.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Dokumentarfilm-Festival Longshots: Filme kostenlos anschauen und abstimmen

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