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Beautiful rumor - Samsung NX2 prototype with hot interior

Beautiful rumor - Samsung NX2 prototype with hot interior

[13:47 mon,12.February 2018   by ]    

bildThe Samsung NX1 was at the time of its release far ahead of its time and impressed at the time both trade press and buyers alike. Nevertheless, Samsung closed quite abruptly and for most users completely surprisingly soon after the complete camera section.

In retrospect, this decision can be better understood today, because the digital camera market has been shrinking noticeably for years and even if Samsung had won a larger slice of the cake, this would not have become a battle in a lucrative growth market. Still, Samsung must be taken advantage of the fact that they have shaken up the whole photo video industry with the NX1 by suddenly finding features such as clean 6K->4K video downsampling or H. 265 recording in a camera.

And it is precisely because of this prehistory that we particularly like the linked rumour. Allegedly, there is at least one prototype of a new Samsung NX2, in which, first of all, there is a digital signal processor (Exynos 9810), which was blessed with extreme camera functions due to its use in Samsung top phones anyway. And secondly, Samsung is said to have developed its own stacked APS-C 30 MP sensor (6720*4480) with dual-pixel autofocus.
If the remaining employees from the NX1 development team have really landed in the company&s mobile division, it should be easy to put the new sensor into an NX1 housing with the new SoC.

Of course, the NX2&s popular features are almost too good to be true, but Samsung would still have everything in hand to scare the industry once again. 10 bit HEVC/HDR would be in play as well as 30p RAW recording. According to rumours of Mirrorless Rumors, Samsung is even supposed to think about IBIS and variable ND-files. We personally, however, do not believe that Samsung itself will once again enter the camera market. The only argument we can think of is that Samsung sometimes makes irrational decisions.

Rather, we believe that if this new sensor and the NX2 prototype exists, this is a battle cry to Sony as a supplier. After all, almost the entire camera industry (except Canon) is now dependent on Sony sensors (and other camera technologies).

We think this NX2 might be a proof-of-concept that other manufacturers can use as prototypes for their own developments. In recent years, for example, it has been rumoured time and again about a cooperation between Nikon and Samsung. So we wouldn&t be surprised if Nikon&s APS-C models would be based on the technology of this NX2. In this way Nikon could stand out from Sony&s feature shackles (and thus also from the other competitors) clearly...

Link more infos at bei www.mirrorlessrumors.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Schönes Gerücht - Samsung NX2 Prototyp mit heißem Innenleben

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