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Berlinale 2023: Golden Bear for documentary project

Berlinale 2023: Golden Bear for documentary project

[10:40 Mon,27.February 2023   by ]    

bildThe Berlinale ended this weekend with the awarding of the Bears. We are particularly pleased that this year a documentary film project by Nicolas Philibert received the coveted jury award for best film.

Here is the trailer for "Sur l&Adamant

And here&s some Berlinale info on the film:

The Adamant is a unique day hospital. In the middle of Paris, it floats on the Seine. People with mental health problems are cared for here. They get help to find their way in everyday life and support so that they don&t lose courage or can find it again. The team tries its best to work against the deterioration of conditions and dehumanization in psychiatry.
Nicolas Philibert, one of the great documentary filmmakers of our time, is always concerned in his work with getting to know someone from the ground up, whether it&s a female orangutan as in Nénette (Forum, 2010) or a group of people as in La maison de la radio (Panorama, 2013). He conducts his long-term observations out of a sincere and contagious interest in dynamics within communities. Documentary work requires trust; Philibert&s serene presence is ideal in this regard. Especially as it concerns people who probably have reasons to be suspicious of fellow human beings. The quietly illuminating film takes us into the Adamant&s welcoming microcosm, where in their company, as one patient suggests, we can decide in the morning that we&re going to have a good day.

Narrowly missing out on the Golden Bear is "Red Sky" by Christian Petzold. Here is the trailer that goes with it:

The German production, which won the Silver Bear, represents Christian Petzold&s sixth participation in the competition. With "Undine" (see also our Berlinale recommendations here, a Petzold film last received the Silver Bears for Best Actress in a Leading Role in 2020 as well, Paula Beer, who is once again involved in "Roter Himmel".

Here is the Berlinale info that goes with it:

Actually Leon and Felix wanted to spend the summer in the vacation home on the Baltic Sea as a couple. As friends and above all working; one on his second book, the other artistically creative. But Nadja and Devid are also there and bring a lot of positive vibes with them. Four young people loving each other, even if this is not easy for Leon in particular. His unfinished manuscript follows him wherever he goes, to the summerhouse and to the beach. The good mood of the others usually makes his own even worse. The publisher&s visit is approaching. As he turns the corner in a dashing compact car, the forest begins to blaze. It rains ash, the sky turns red and the relationship drama, which combines physical intensity and artistic sublimation, takes a turn into a new dimension.
Christian Petzold&s second part of a trilogy he began in 2020 with Undine is about not being able to sleep and wanting to love, about writing and being read, about being in the world and yet possibly living past it. A film in a state of limbo between symbolism and realism, funny and deeply tragic.

We were also very happy about the Documentary Film Award of the Berlinale, which this year went to El Eco by Tatiana Huezo - clear recommendation for a visit to the cinema from our side - especially if you are a friend of intense, documentary images:

Tatiana Huezo worked again with DOP Ernesto Pardo (winner of the ARRI Amira Award, among others) on El Eco (see also "Tempestad" by Tatiana Huezo), who is currently one of the best documentary DOPs for us.

Here is the Berlinale info on Tatiana Huezo&s "El Eco":

A young mother runs across a mountain meadow with her children; they save a sheep from drowning. A girl cares for her aged grandmother, so tenderly that one wants to cry. Another practices being a teacher, authentic in tone, the dolls as teachable pupils in front of her. The fathers are mostly absent. As construction workers or craftsmen, they rarely share daily life with their families. In El Eco, a remote village in northern Mexico, life consists of the most elementary things. Being a child here means intensity and experience from day one: nature, animals, people. Love, closeness, illness, death. And education - at least for the younger generation.
Tatiana Huezo, who has made a name for herself as a sensitive, poetic documentary filmmaker (among others with Tempestad, Forum 2016) accompanies three families. In the process, meandering becomes a principle. Wonderfully, she weaves a multitude of faces and gestures into a kaleidoscope of modesty. Almost incidentally, the matriarchy of care work becomes visible in a country that is responsible for countless abductions of women.

Link more infos at bei www.berlinale.de

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Berlinale 2023: Goldener Bär für Dokumentarfilm “Sur l’Adamant” von Nicolas Philibert


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Berlinale 2023: Goldener Bär für Dokumentarfilm “Sur l’Adamant” von Nicolas Philibert

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