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Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 14 integrates Fairlight and accelerates Editing // NAB 2017

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 14 integrates Fairlight and accelerates Editing // NAB 2017

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The release of the 13 may also have reasons for the gospel, but the DaVinci Resolve version jump from 12.5 to 14 can be considered quite justified by the new features: Resolve has integrated no less than practically the entire Fairlight Audiosuite into Resolve. This can now be started as a separate work area in Resolve. With VST effects and sample-accurate audio editing in the multitrack timeline with approximately 60 realtime tracks, there are 6 parametric EQ, expander, gate, compressor, limiter and a 3D room positioning available on each track. With the Fairlight Audio Accelerator as a hardware addition, the track number can be increased to more than 1000. The Fairlight environment also has its own display mixer. In this environment, multitrack sound is producedVirtually latency-free recording, cutting, mixing, refining and mastering. PIC1: Fairlight has now been integrated into Resolve as a separate work environment. In the editing mode, less complex audio effects and a simplified mixer are available, so you can now also find good audio possibilities during video editing without having to switch to the complex fairlight mode. PIC2: In the editing mode the audio functions remain somewhat less complex The performance improvements in the editing mode sound very interesting. Blackmagic speaks here of up to 10x acceleration, whereby here the decompression of h264 codecs should be meant. Among other things, a liquid laptop multitrack cut with h264 files was demonstrated, which so far was hardly possible with Resolve. OurPersonal favorite among the new features is the keyframe / curve editor which allows editing directly in the timeline under each clip. Keyframes are copyable and can be inserted as well as group-wise moved and cut. PIC3: The curve editor was integrated directly into the timeline. Speedramps are also easily adjustable. Furthermore, the new Undo History list is as welcome as the direct import into bins by drag and drop. The grading environment also gains some new effects. Among other things a new tracker, which can now work in perspective, in 3D as well as horizontally and vertically. A special tracking effect is the Face Refinement, which recognizes faces automatically and then brighten easily, change the lip color or skin tonesAdapt or glaze. PIC4: Face-Refinement If you are working on a laptop without another preview monitor, the scopes can now be displayed over the full-screen preview. The third big news is the strong expansion of the collaboration functions for several users. Thus, bins can be locked for processing against change or Timelines can be compared and fused. Even an encrypted chat was integrated, which can be stored in the project documentation. The free version of DaVinci Resolve continues to work in SD, HD and Ultra HD with up to 60 fps and now even brings the Fairlight Audiotools. With DaVinci Resolve Studio, resolutions of 4K and higher can be processed with Frameraten up to 120 fps. This is available in the studio version

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