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Blackmagic RAW Speed Test benchmarks system performance for BRAW

Blackmagic RAW Speed Test benchmarks system performance for BRAW

[10:45 wed,14.August 2019   by ]    

Blackmagic has released Blackmagic RAW Speed Test, a tool of its own (unfortunately only for OS X), with which users can see the performance they can expect when working with Blackmagic RAW videos.

The tool uses the combined CPU and GPU computing power (the latter via Apple Metal) of a computer to determine what is the maximum achievable decoding performance in frames per second (fps) at different Blackmagic RAW variants (3:1, 5:1, 8:1 or 12:1), constant bitrate and different resolutions.

Blackmagic RAW Speed Test

Alternatively, a specific BRAW variant can be specified with a resolution to subject the system to a continuous endurance stress test - so the user can check whether his system is up to a special usage scenario. The results of the various benchmarks are displayed in a clear table that shows the user how many frames per second the computer can decode for all supported resolutions.

Blackmagic&s new 12-bit RAW format shifts part of the demosaicing process from the computer&s CPU to the camera itself. The partially demosaiced images are encoded together with the specific image sensor properties and stored in a Blackmagic RAW file. This maintains complete control over attributes such as ISO, white balance, exposure, contrast, saturation and more.

Blackmagic RAW Variants in Comparison

Blackmagic RAW Speed Test 1.4 can now be downloaded for free from Blackmagic www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/family/professional-cameras The Blackmagic RAW Speed Test is also included in the latest Camera Update 6.5 and Blackmagic RAW SDK 1.4 for Software Developers and comes with the latest version of the Blackmagic RAW Player 1.4. Here our article about Blackmagic RAW.

Link more infos at bei www.blackmagicdesign.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Blackmagic RAW Speed Test zeigt Systemleistung für BRAW an

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