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Blackmagic RAW Speedtest on Apple's M1 (MacBook Pro 16GB)

Blackmagic RAW Speedtest on Apple's M1 (MacBook Pro 16GB)

[16:25 thu,19.November 2020   by ]    

We now have one too. So a MacBook Pro 13 inch with Apple&s new M1 chip and a full 16GB. Of course you will read some benchmarks on slashCAM in the next days, but we don&t want to keep a quick shot from you any longer.

We once let the Blackmagic RAW Speedtest loose on the M1 for which we could collect already in summer - also thanks to many nice readers - some data points. Long preface, short sense, here the screenshot:


But there is still a longer "postscript": First of all we can&t confirm yet if the BlackmagicRAWSpeed Speed Test 2.1 is already running as native ARM version. At least it came with the Universal Binary version of Blackmagic Resolve 17 Beta 1 on the SSD. However, we have not yet found a way to determine whether an app runs natively or under Rosetta. We are trying to find out in the near future

Thus, these results (at least the CPU values) should not yet be definitively evaluated. The GPU values of other apps do not differ that much under Rosetta and natively anyway.

If you still want to carefully put the values into a ratio, you can have a look at our table here, where we have collected earlier values from other computers. We have now added the fresh M1-Mac results to the table, although the RAW Speed Test has a higher version number. In the past a version change had hardly any significant effect on the results, but in the near future we will do some more counterchecks.

In any case, the performance in the GPU area - whether Rosetta or native - is already well above our expectations. As a first basis for discussion our screenshot should be sufficient, we think...

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Blackmagic RAW Speedtest auf Apples M1 (MacBook Pro 16GB)

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