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Blackmagic launches free professional camera app for iPhone: Camera App

Blackmagic launches free professional camera app for iPhone: Camera App

[22:27 Thu,14.September 2023   by ]    

In addition to the Cinema Camera 6K, Blackmagic has also introduced its own pro camera app for the iPhone, which not only includes numerous professional functions, but also integrates seamlessly into Blackmagic&s workflows, including the collaborative Blackmagic Cloud, which has also just been launched. The highlight: the "Blackmagic Camera App" is free of charge.

Blackmagic Camera App

Blackmagic Camera user interface

Just how serious Blackmagic is about the new app can be seen in the fact that it has a very similar user interface to the Blackmagic cameras.

The head-up display (HUD), which can be shown or hidden by swiping up or down, shows status information such as shot settings, histogram, focus peaking, levels, frame markers and more. The most important camera parameters like the selected lens of the iPhone as well as frame rate, shutter angle, the timecode, ISO, white balance, tint, histogram or audio level can be changed inutitively via touch directly without having to navigate in submenus.

User interface with HUD

Comprehensive Settings

The "Settings" menu allows access to advanced settings such as monitoring, audio, camera setup, recording and more. The "Record" menu determines video resolution and recording format - choices include Apple&s ProRes as well as higher compressed formats like H.264 and H.265. On the just introduced www.slashcam.de/news/si

The Blackmagic Camera app allows filming in the classic 16:9 format as well as in vertical formats - using a special "stealth" mode, 16:9 shots can also be taken inconspicuously with the phone held upright. However, this is filmed with crop.

The audio recording formats include AAC, IEEE Float and PCM - in addition, VU and PPM meters can be used. The use of external microphones is also supported.

Metadata input.

The Blackmagic Camera app also offers professional monitoring tools such as Zebra for checking exposure, as well as Focus Assist, image border markers and more. 3D LUTs can also be loaded to achieve special cinematic looks.

The "Media" page provides an overview of all existing footage, which can be searched, sifted, sorted and uploaded to the Blackmagic Cloud. Media can also be synced directly to a DaVinci Resolve project for immediate further editing - more information on this new cloud functionality should be available soon. A new Resolve beta 18.6 includes the critical updates, more on that tomorrow.

Media Overview

Recording directly to the cloud

Depending on location and connectivity, there are several options for saving recordings: the videos can be transferred to a computer to save valuable storage space on the phone, or they can be automatically uploaded to a DaVinci Resolve project using the Blackmagic Cloud, which is just starting up - at most as 10-bit ProRes video with 4K resolution. Recordings saved classically on the iPhone can then be uploaded to the Cloud later, for example, when a corresponding connection is available again.


The Blackmagic Camera App also allows the creation of small proxy files, which can be quickly uploaded and used in a cloud workflow to start editing even before the more extensive orinial recordings have been uploaded.

Chat function

When working within a Blackmagic Cloud project, all team members can communicate with each other via an integrated chat function.

The features of the Blackmagic Camera app

- Film in 16:9 or vertical aspect ratios
- Steath mode for filming in 16:9 (crop) with the phone held upright
- Record in Apple ProRes, HEVC and H.264 complete with automatic proxy creation
- Camera controls for frame rate, shutter speed, exposure, white balance, tint and color space
- Focus Assist, Zebra, image edge markings, histogram, monitoring with 3D LUT
- Timecode recording by time or runtime
- Sound recording with PCM, IEEE Float or AAC at a sampling rate of 44.1 or 48 kHz
- VU or PPM audio level meter
- Thumbnail view of all recorded clips in the "Media" tab
- Clip preview with scrub position, timecode and file name display
- Fully integrated with Blackmagic Cloud and DaVinci Resolve
- Record to iPhone, select recorded clips to share via Blackmagic Cloud or sync automatically

Here is our interview with Blackmagic Design about the new Camera App fresh from IBC.

Availability and price

The Blackmagic Camera is now available as a free download from Apple App Store. The prerequisite is iOS 16.0 or higher and an iPhone (the app is not available for the iPad) from version XS upwards.

Bild zur Newsmeldung:

Link more infos at bei apps.apple.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Blackmagic bringt kostenlose Profi-Kamera App fürs iPhone: Camera App

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