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Boris FX: Continuum gets AI functions - denoiser and upscaler

Boris FX: Continuum gets AI functions - denoiser and upscaler

[08:30 Tue,21.November 2023   by ]    

The plug-in manufacturer Boris FX has announced a decisive change in the strategic direction of its flagship product Continuum. From now on, a lot of AI will be integrated into the visual effects.

Continuum's popular image restoration category will receive two new AI effects: The BCC+ DeNoise ML effect instantly removes unwanted artifacts and noise caused by low-quality image sensors, low light or lossy compression codecs. The one-click drag-and-drop effect analyzes the image and delivers high-quality results while preserving detail contrast. The BCC+ UpRes AI effect, (which is exclusive to After Effects), is designed to scale footage regardless of format size with clean, crisp results. It also includes options to zoom in on a portion of a clip and sharpen the clip to preserve the fine details.

Boris FX Continuum gets an AI denoiser and AI upscaler

Particle illusion from Continuum now also uses AI technology to create intricate particle sprites. Choosing an existing sprite as a starting point allows artists to achieve quick results without having to engage in complex tinkering. Presets and an entire history encourage experimentation. Users can import the resulting images directly into the sprite library.

Particle illusion from Continuum uses AI technology for sprite creation

In audio, a new version CrumplePop introduces the next generation of machine learning models in five of its AI audio plugins - AudioDenoise, TrafficRemover, ClipRemover, RustleRemover and WindRemover.

The Boris FX Suite is a packaged post-production solution that includes Continuum, CrumplePop, Mocha Pro, Optics, Sapphire, Silhouette and SynthEyes. It is available as an annual subscription (1295 US dollars) or monthly (175 US dollars) for various host applications (Adobe, Avid, FCP and selected OFX apps).

Continuum and CrumplePop are also available as individual plug-ins with annual/monthly subscriptions, upgrade and support plans and perpetual licenses. Continuum, for example, costs 20-30 euros per month, while an unlimited CrumplePop license currently costs around 450 dollars.

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Boris FX: Continuum bekommt KI-Funktionen - Denoiser und Upscaler

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