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Boris FX also bets on AI and buys AI audio specialist CrumplePop

Boris FX also bets on AI and buys AI audio specialist CrumplePop

[12:59 Tue,11.April 2023   by ]    

Boris FX - the renowned developer of plug-ins for video editing and visual effects - is apparently also betting on AI, announcing that it will use it to tackle "the most tedious tasks in the post-production industry." Image and audio restoration, keying and object isolation, motion and camera tracking, and painting and rotoscoping.

As a first publicly visible step, BorisFX is acquiring CrumplePop, a developer of AI-based audio plugins, for this purpose. CrumplePop was founded in 2009 and has developed numerous plug-ins that have been used in many video and audio editors. The names of the individual AI tools are self-explanatory so far: AudioDenoise, WindRemove, PopRemover, RustleRemover, TrafficRemover, ClipRemover, Levelmatic, as well as EchoRemover.

TrafficRemover by CrumblePop now at BorisFX.

"We are thrilled to join forces with the team at Boris FX. Access to expanded resources and joint AI development will allow us to add more innovative features to the CrumplePop audio toolset faster," teased Gabriel Cheifetz, co-founder of CrumplePop, "We can't wait to get started. Our next product release will be of great interest to anyone producing video or podcasts."

The current CrumplepPop audio plugins will now continue to be developed and sold under the Boris FX brand. The plugins are available as annual/monthly subscriptions or perpetual licenses. Prices start at per month and vary depending on the plan option.

As is probably true for most current AI tools, you can usually find free AI command-line alternatives that reflect the current state of AI research. However, these are not available as easy-to-use plugins in the editing program.

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Auch Boris FX setzt auf KI und kauft den KI-Audiospezialisten CrumplePop


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Auch Boris FX setzt auf KI und kauft den KI-Audiospezialisten CrumplePop

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