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CDA-TEK AFX Adapter: Autofocus per LIDAR for every camera

CDA-TEK AFX Adapter: Autofocus per LIDAR for every camera

[19:14 wed,28.October 2020   by ]    

The Irish company CDA-TEK has launched a campaign on the crowdfunding portal Indiegogo for a focus control system that measures the distance to objects by laser and works automatically as well as manually together with a Blackmagic Pocket 4K and 6K cinema camera. It also rivets for all other cameras the possibility of motorized control of lenses with manual focus using an additional Tilta focus motor.

CDA-TEK AFX Autofocus Adapter

Originally the AFX Autofocus was designed as an add-on for CDA-TEK&s PBC controller for the Blackmagic Pocket 4K/6K, but in the meantime it has been further developed into a standalone unit, which is powered by its own internal rechargeable battery and does not require any cabling, as it communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth with a Pocket 4K/6K camera.

With cameras other than the Blackmagic 4K/6K, the AFX system works through a Tilta Nucleus M and N motor interface, which adds the autofocus and manual focus functionality of the AFX system to any manual lens on any camera.


The AFX system uses a LIDAR sensor to measure the exact distance to the nearest object, which the AFX then processes to bring the focus of the lens into the correct calibrated position. An advantage of LIDAR over a traditional autofocus system is that it can focus even in low light situations - similar to the new iPhone 12 Pro. A disadvantage of the AFX system, however, is that it only works with a single focal point in the center. To be more versatile, the different focus modes described below are offered.

CDA-TEK AFX Autofocus Adapter Remote Control

The AFX comes with a compact wireless remote control that allows the user to control the various operating modes and functions of the AFX and to manually control the focus from a distance. It can also be used to change a number of settings on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera, such as aperture, ISO and white balance. The display integrated into the AFX shows these parameters as well as the measured distance for monitoring the current status.

The AFX controller offers two autofocus modes: AFS and AFC: in AFS mode, the lens is refocused on the nearest central object when the shutter button on the controller is pressed and remains in that position until the shutter button is pressed again or the user manually refocuses. In AFC mode, the lens is continuously refocused on the nearest central object, so that, for example, a person approaching the camera is followed.

CDA-TEK AFX Autofocus Adapter Display

With the help of the control unit it is possible to switch between AFS, AFC and manual focus mode. To enable a smoother focus change, four automatic transition times between the focus points in the two automatic modes can also be selected.

The AFX system also has an additional transition mode called Natural that automatically adjusts the focus transition time depending on the distance between the current and new focus positions. In QuadLock mode, four focus positions can be quickly saved either with the LIDAR sensor or manually and then switched between them immediately or with the currently set transition time.

To use the focus functionality of the AFX with manual lenses, it is simply connected to a Tilta focus motor using the cable and adapter supplied. Users of Nucleus M motors require an additional adapter, details of which will be announced by CDA-TEK in the next 30 days. All manual and autofocus modes and functions of the AFX are available when using the motor option, regardless of the camera and lens.

CDA-TEK AFX Autofocus Adapter with Tilta focus motor

For users of Blackmagic Pocket Cinema cameras who also like to use lenses with manual focus, the AFX has a special hybrid mode to allow lens control with a motor while changing functions such as ISO, white balance and shutter wirelessly on the camera.

The CDA-TEK AFX autofocus adapter costs 199 Euro for owners of the PBC controller, for all other buyers 275 Euro - delivery is scheduled for January 2021 According to CDA-TEK, the AFX adapter is fully developed, so the crowdfunding money is only needed for production purposes.(Thanks for the message to CameraRick)

Link more infos at bei www.indiegogo.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: CDA-TEK AFX Adapter: Autofocus per LIDAR für jede Kamera

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