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Calculate audio plugins on GPU

Calculate audio plugins on GPU

[12:26 mon,8.March 2021   by ]    

The Swiss company BRAINGINES is dedicated to digital audio processing and wants to accelerate music software products via GPU in the future.

Based on VST3 plugins, BRAINGINES wants to provide the processing power of the GPU in many audio programs. In our eyes (or better ears?) this sounds like a pretty obvious idea, since the GPU (similar to the already widely used DSPs) is an excellent platform for stream computing. That is, for data that can be parallelized well without large program branches.

In the past, we have often had discussions with audio developers on this topic, and so far we have heard almost unanimously that GPUs are actually not particularly well suited for audio computations because of their high latency.

BRAINGINES now wants to overcome this hurdle and advertises latencies of 1ms on their website, which is an almost unbelievable value for music creators. Even the best audio interfaces barely manage under 2 ms. In addition, audio latencies in the system add up at different points in the system and you can rarely compare them. We would understand the web page in such a way that the GPU integration only adds 1ms latency to the total latency of the signal path in the best case.


Those interested in the GPU plugins can currently request them on the website for personal testing. It seems to be a VST3 bundle that includes essential tools for daily work as well as rare compressor emulations, a Spicy Exciter and a Hybrid Reverb. You can&t buy the plugins via the website yet, but the developer talks about a "few cups of coffee" as a future price.

At the same time, the Swiss also want to launch a marketplace for third-party developers, for which a dedicated GPU Audio SDK will be made available.

This technology is certainly not (yet) interesting for every video editor, but exciting enough to keep a closer eye on it in the near future.

Link more infos at bei www.braingines.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Audio Plugins auf der GPU berechnen - BRAINGINES GPU Audio

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