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Canon EOS R5 and R6 - Stabilized full frame up to 8K RAW with Dual Pixel AF

Canon EOS R5 and R6 - Stabilized full frame up to 8K RAW with Dual Pixel AF

[14:00 thu,9.July 2020   by ]    

Canon had already published some information about the EOS R5 in advance, but now the EOS R5 was officially presented together with a little sister R6. The special thing about the new models is that Canon hardly makes any unnecessary compromises when it comes to the functions for filmmakers and offers astonishingly many possibilities that one would rather expect from the specialized Cinema EOS line.

Both cameras feature - for the first time for Canon&s large sensor models - a moveable sensor that works in cooperation with a stabilized lens. This means that if the optics support stabilisation, only both stabilisers can be switched on or off together. However, if the optics do not provide stabilisation, the moving sensor can also work alone. In addition, a digital stabilizer can be added in video mode, which works in all video modes except 8K RAW, because it has to sacrifice some edge pixels for this.


Canon especially emphasizes that the sensor has more room to move to the sides without vignetting due to the large diameter of the RF bayonet (54mm). With its new stabilization in photography, Canon wants to be able to compensate up to 8 f-stops according to the CIPA standard, which is currently a record. And the stabilizer should do just as good a job in video recording.

New Dual PixelPixel im Glossar erklärt Autofocus>/strong>

Thanks to the built-in Digic X signal processor, both models also feature the latest version II of the proven DualPixel autofocus (DualPixel AF). This is designed to work even more precisely with the help of DeepLearning and to operate extremely reliably even in dark motifs. But the real news is that the Dual PixelPixel im Glossar erklärt AF II can now be used with both models in practically all film resolutions/frame rates. With earlier models, the DualPixel AF was not usable in many relevant recording formats.


Canon is now also going full steam ahead with the formats themselves, with the biggest differences between the two models:

EOS R5 video format specifications

With its 45-megapixel sensor, the EOS R5 can record in 8K to 30p and 4K to 120p. Only 8K can be recorded in RAW, but otherwise HEVC with 10Bit 4:2:24:2:2 im Glossar erklärt ALL-I or IPB is available throughout in 8K and 4K (DCI/UHD). Canon Log 1 or 4K HQ can be used for recording with the integrated image profiles. The latter is a special format up to 30p that uses every sensor of the 8K sensor for 4K recording. Conversely, this means that the 4K modes above 30p will probably work with binning or similar.

EOS R6 video format specifications

The EOS R6, on the other hand, has a 20 megapixel sensor that "only" allows 4K UHD shots with up to 60p in an IPB profile, but also internally with up to 10-bit 4:2.2. In our eyes, the "lower 4K" doesn&t have to be a disadvantage at all, however, because the sensor is closely related to the EÓS-1D X Mark III and Canon promises similar image dynamics for the R6. For 4K recording, the 5K sensor is scaled down in almost full readout.

Both models can also output signals up to 4K via HDMIHDMI im Glossar erklärt at 10 bit 4:2:2. However, only the EOS R5 can record internally and externally at the same time. However, both models can store internal recordings in parallel on their two slots, with the R5 having 1 x CFexpress and 1 x SD UHS-II, while the R6 has been equipped with 2 x SD UHS-II.


If you are wondering what Canon is holding back for the Cinema EOS customers besides the targeted film ergonomics, we would like to point out the XLRXLR im Glossar erklärt audio section and the missing timecode connectivity. There is also no integrated ND filter or professional exposure aids like a waveform monitor. Likewise, C Log-2 and -3 are reserved for the Cinema EOS fraction, not least the highly dynamic DGO technology of the C300 MkIII.

Useful little things

Nevertheless, configurable Zebra functions and other useful features have been integrated. So both models can not only be charged via USB-C but also operated. So you can probably get through a complete day of shooting with two or three simple PowerBanks at an extremely reasonable price.

Speaking of batteries, the EOS R5 and EOS R6 come with a new, longer-range battery that is also compatible with existing EOS cameras that use LP-E6 series batteries. The LP-E6NH replaces the LP-E6N with a 14% increased capacity of 2,130 mAh.

The new BG-R10 Battery Grip allows long shoots without interruption with EOS R5 and EOS R6. It can hold two batteries (LP-E6/N/NH) and provides copies of key controls for improved handling when shooting in portrait mode. The new battery grip is said to cost about 380 Euros.


The EOS R5 is expected to be available from the end of July 2020. The price for the EOS R5 Body is approximately EUR 4,385.

The EOS R6 will be available as a body or in a kit from specialist retailers from the end of August 2020. The price for the body is approximately EUR 2,630. The kit version together with the RF24-105mm F4-7.1 IS STM will then be available for approx. EUR 2,980.


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Canon EOS R5 und R6 vorgestellt - Stabilisiertes Vollformat bis 8K RAW mit Dual Pixel AF

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