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DJI FPV System: Headset especially for drone racing from a first-person perspective

DJI FPV System: Headset especially for drone racing from a first-person perspective

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JI has developed the DJI FPV system especially for recordings from the first person&s perspective (FPV). It consists of the compact DJI FPV camera with air unit (a combination of wireless video transmitter and radio receiver for control), the DJI FPV goggles and - optionally - the DJI FPV remote control. The components have been specially developed for FPV flights and therefore provide low latency (both for image transmission and control) and a high-resolution HD display for good images. The FPV system is primarily intended for drone flights, but can also be used with other vehicles such as remote-controlled cars or boats to give the driver/pilot a first-person experience.

In live mode the 720p video is recorded at 120 fps and transmitted with a latency of only 28ms, in pure video mode the recording takes place at 1080p1080p im Glossar erklärt at 60 fps or 720p at 120 fps on an SD card in the goggles. The control and image transmission works up to a range of 4km - the latency of the connection between controller and air unit is only 7ms. Thanks to the eight frequency channels, up to 8 drones controlled by the DJI FPV system can be in the air simultaneously.

DJI FPV System

Unlike other FPV systems, DJI uses a digital instead of an analog transmission of the images and thus achieves the low latency values and the high frame rate of 120 frames per second - both good to visually give the user the feeling of being "there" and the possibility to optimally control the drone during fast flights. A special focus mode optimizes the central image area during transmission for rapid drone flights with poor image transmission.

In a special mode, viewers can follow the flight live from the pilot&s perspective using their own FPV glasses. Unfortunately, the DJI FPV system does not allow a 3D view with two cameras despite two displays integrated in the goggles. After all, the new helmet should be more comfortable to wear than the previous model of DJI&s goggles. It can also be used as a display device to watch flight videos stored on the microSD card.

DJI FPV Goggles

DJI offers the FPV system in two versions: the "FPV Experience" kit with two flight units for 879 Euro, but without controller, and the "Fly More" kit with controller (similar to the Phantom drones, but with improved electronics for lower latency) but only one flight unit for 999 Euro. The system is available now, but sold out at the moment.

Link more infos at bei www.dji.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: DJI FPV System: Headset samt Kamera speziell für Drohnenrennen aus der Ich-Perspektive


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: DJI FPV System: Headset samt Kamera speziell für Drohnenrennen aus der Ich-Perspektive

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