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DJI Ronin 4D gimbal and Zenmuse X9 full-frame 6K/8K camera: professional 4-axis stabilization

DJI Ronin 4D gimbal and Zenmuse X9 full-frame 6K/8K camera: professional 4-axis stabilization

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DJI has finally officially unveiled its long-awaited professional gimbal camera system, which we had already reported on recently thanks to detailed leaks. The Ronin 4D gimbal integrates the new Zenmuse X9 full-frame camera, making it the world&s first 4-axis stabilized cinema camera, according to DJI.

DJI Ronin 4D

Features include a LiDAR focusing system and a novel video transmission and control system in a single device. DJI is targeting the new gimbal camera system squarely at professional filmmakers and high-end productions, to whom the new system is intended to make spectacular camera moves possible in a simple manner - this is also reflected in the price of around 7,000 euros (6K version) and around 11,000 euros (8K version).

The Zenmuse X9 6K/8K cameras: ProRes RAW, multi-mount, built-in ND filter

DJI offers the new Zenmuse X9 camera (or camera head) in two versions, each with 6K and 8K resolution. The Zenmuse X9-6K supports internal recording in H.264 (4:2:0 10-bit), Apple ProRes RAW (HQ), Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) formats of up to 6K/60fps and 4K/120fps, while the Zenmuse X9-8K supports up to 8K/75fps ( here an overview of all supported formats and respective resolutions) - in their other functionality, the two models are identical. The Zenmuse X9 camera has a dynamic range of over 14 stops, a dual native EI (exposure index) of 800/5,000, and a built-in physical ND filter with nine stops.

DJI Ronin 4D

DJI Ronin 4D&s proprietary DJI Cinema Color System (DCCS) is said to deliver natural skin tones as well as consistency of color tones across a project when using different Cinema cameras. In addition, the Zenmuse X9 is equipped with an interchangeable lens mount system that allows the use of DJI&s own DL mount as well as the Leica M mount or other short focal range mounts. Thus, users gain the freedom to use extremely large aperture lenses, anamorphic lenses as well as legacy manual lenses along with the Ronin 4D.

4-Axis Stabilization

The DJI Ronin 4D has developed a new type of 4-axis image stabilization - the first in the industry, according to DJI - which also compensates for vertical camera shake in the Z-axis, such as that caused when walking or running with the camera. Shots taken on complex surfaces such as stairs or uneven floors should be smooth and show no traces of the camera operator&s steps, even long smooth sliding shots should be possible without dolly.

The 4D stabilization uses a new algorithm that matches and processes data from the downward-facing TOF sensors, forward- and downward-facing dual vision sensors, the integrated inertial sensor, and a barometer for stabilization.

DJI Ronin 4D with Shoulder Mount.

According to DJI, the Ronin 4D is lighter and smaller than most cinema cameras mounted on a professional 3-axis stabilizer - the gimbal weighs about 1.04kg, the body about 1.45gb, and the entire system after installing all combo modules, excluding lens and memory card weighs about 4.67kg. The Ronin 4D also features an improved version of DJI&s ActiveTrack intelligent object tracking system. Per ActiveTrack Pro, the camera can thus follow subjects from greater distances via DeepLearning algorithms and also recognizes faces.

LiDAR autofocus system

Using continuous precise laser measurements, the newly developed LiDAR rangefinder delivers what DJI says is fast and reliable autofocus. It simultaneously creates over 43,200 range points with a range of up to 10 meters, and can pinpoint on various subjects quickly and accurately (and even in low-light conditions, thanks to active laser range measurements).

The DJI Ronin 4D offers three focus modes: manual focus, autofocus and DJI&s new Automatic Manual Focus (AMF). With Manual Focus, the DJI Ronin 4D LiDAR waveform provides an aid to focus. Auto Focus keeps the subject in focus in dynamic situations such as documentaries. Automatic Manual Focus combines both modes to automatically rotate the focus wheel as it follows the focus point, allowing the user to manually intervene at any time to target focus.

The DJI O3 Pro video radio

DJI uses an improved version of its OcuSync system, familiar from its drones, to transmit live video if desired. The Ronin 4D&s O3 (OcuSync) Pro system video transmitter, which must be purchased separately, sends out a 1080p/60fps video feed to remote monitors with a transmission range of up to 6km, which is protected via AES 256-bit encryption. Transmission latency of 100 ms or 68 ms is said by DJI to be industry-leading low, enabling smooth real-time image control.

DJI Ronin 4D with wireless module and DJI PROSSD.

The O3 Pro system uses the DFS frequency band in addition to 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz, which is said to greatly improve stability and noise immunity, and also allows multiple receivers to work together with one transmitter, as well as switching between feeds from different Ronin 4Ds.

The 7" wireless monitor with motion control

Also available for additional purchase, the bright external with integrated wireless video receiver features a 7-inch monitor with a brightness of 1,500 nits. With the help of the built-in gyro sensor, the monitor can also be used for haptic remote control of the camera.

The wireless monitor can also be connected to the Ronin 4D handgrips, DJI Master Wheels, DJI Force Pro or the new DJI Three-Channel Follow Focus for more complex remote-controlled shooting. When multiple wireless monitors are used together with a Ronin 4D, each monitor can play back footage with independent LUTs separately without affecting the other monitors. Using the built-in microSD card slot, proxy recording of the video feed can be done at up to 1080p/60fps.

DJI Ronin 4D with multiple wireless monitors.

Included, however, is a 5.5" rotating touchscreen camera monitor with a FullHD resolution and a brightness of 1,000 nits.

Memory, sound recording and battery life

The Ronin 4D offers three different storage methods with different advantages and disadvantages: 4K recordings can be recorded inexpensively on USB SSDs, CFexpress Type-B cards can be used for compatibility and stability, and DJI&s proprietary PROSSD 1TB offers the best performance and highest stability for internal recording at maximum resolution and frame rate.

For audio recording, the DJI Ronin 4D has both built-in microphones that support 2-channel 24-bit audio recording, as well as two 3.5mm jacks on the body and two XLR connectors on the expansion board for additional input and output options.

DJI Ronin 4D with Focus Waveform Display

Just like the Ronin 2 and Inspire 2, the Ronin 4D uses DJI&s TB50 Intelligent Batteries, which offer up to 2.5 hours of recording time. Even in extremely cold temperatures, the TB50 battery is said to be reliable thanks to its automatic preheat function.

Prices and Availability

The DJI Ronin 4D is available in an 8K combo and 6K combo. The Ronin 4D 6K Combo consists of the housing, Zenmuse X9-6K gimbal camera, LiDAR rangefinder, a very bright main monitor, hand grips, a top handle, a TB50 Intelligent Battery and a carrying case. The 6K combo costs 6,999 euros will be available in December.

The Ronin 4D 8K Combo features the higher resolution Zenmuse X9-8K gimbal camera, plus a PROSSD 1 TB in addition to the Ronin 4D 6K&s features. It costs €10,999 and will be available at a later date.

Available separately are the Ronin 4D video transmitter (around 350 euros), the wireless monitor with high brightness (around 1,300 euros) and the DJI PROSSD 1 TB (around 750 euros).

The DJI Ronin 4D comes with a 2-year international warranty for fast service at any authorized service center worldwide. For added peace of mind, DJI Care Pro offers two years of comprehensive service, including technical support, unlimited free repairs within the coverage limit, and two maintenance services by DJI technicians.

Link more infos at bei www.dji.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Professionelles 4-Achsen Gimbalkamerasystem: DJI Ronin 4D Gimbal und Zenmuse X9 Vollformat 6K/8K Kamera

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