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DJI drones: Crashes due to battery problems - Flight ban in Great Britain

DJI drones: Crashes due to battery problems - Flight ban in Great Britain

[18:22 fri,2.November 2018   by ]    

After some DJI drones spontaneously crashed during the flight due to a complete power failure, the British aviation authority has now issued a temporary ban on certain models. A week ago it was assumed that there was a general problem with the power supply of the Matrice 200 drones, but now the problem has been narrowed down: according to the latest findings, the DJI batteries with the type designation TB50 and TB55 with 4280mAh and 7660 mAh respectively are responsible for the problems.

These are used in the drone models of the DJI Inspire 2 and DJI Matrice 200 series (Matrice 200, 210 and 210 RTK). These drones may not fly over or near people in the UK until the cause of the crash has been found and rectified.

DJI Inspire 2

Drone pilots of the corresponding models that use the affected batteries should not carry out any further flights in this country either. Even if flights over people can be avoided, there is still the danger of (total) damage to the drone due to the sudden crash. The power failure during the flight occurred although the pilots were still shown sufficient power reserves or remaining flight time by the Flight App.

DJI himself has now published a warning. DJI investigates some cases in which drones were affected by a power failure during the flight due to a wrong display of the battery level of the TB50/TB 55 models and advises pilots of these models to fly in such a way that in case of a sudden power failure of the drone no humans come to harm or to suspend all drones until a final clarification.

DJI is working on a firmware update for the two battery models to fix the problem and gives some advice on how to avoid the problem to minimize the risk. For example, the batteries should be fully charged before the flight, consulting the charger&s display and not the battery&s, as it displays incorrect values and also transmits them to the drone. During the flight, the battery charge level should then be estimated on the basis of the voltage indicator, the voltage should never drop below 3.7V - at maximum charge the voltage is 4.25V.

The TB50 battery concerned

Link more infos at bei publicapps.caa.co.uk

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: DJI Drohnen Abstürze durch Batterieprobleme - Flugverbot in Großbritannien

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