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Detailed online tutorial for Blender Video Sequence Editor 3.0 (VSE)

Detailed online tutorial for Blender Video Sequence Editor 3.0 (VSE)

[11:27 Sat,20.November 2021   by ]    

There is a large selection of free open source video editors, which is why people usually choose a specific program for very specific reasons. Usually the integration into a certain workflow is an important criterion.

For Blender users the integrated Video Sequence Editor
(VSE) is interesting because it allows you to edit a project without leaving your familiar Blender environment. While Blender has been able to attract attention with very large function updates in recent years, the Video Sequence Editor still ekes out a niche existence. In our eyes unjustly, because who can operate the VSE, can install Blender on virtually any desktop computer of value and get started immediately. And for that you don't even have to (be able to) use the other functions of Blender.

But before the freestyle is known the diligence and to bring his VSE knowledge up to speed is the usual Blender documentation only very limited helpful. Really well structured and very up to date is the "Blender VSE 3.0 Documentation".

This website gives a very detailed introduction to the Video Sequence Editor and explains practically every detail of the Blender interface, which is often difficult to understand for beginners.

The Blender interface doesn't look self-explanatory at first sight.

For advanced users, the tutorial also covers peripheral topics, including how to productively use Python or FFMpeg in conjunction with the VSE.

Especially if you have never used the Video Sequence Editor before, you should be able to get along quickly with the help of this online tutorial. And who knows, if you have already dealt with the Video Sequence Editor, you might also want to take a look at the other Blender functions. Because to be able to "blender" a little bit is never wrong and very often helpful...

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Detaillierte Online Anleitung für den Blender Video Sequence Editor 3.0 (VSE)


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Detaillierte Online Anleitung für den Blender Video Sequence Editor 3.0 (VSE)

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