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Digital Bolex D16 sweeps the sails

[09:53 tue,28.June 2016   by ]    


Four years ago (in March 2012) sounded the concept of www.slashcam.de/news/single/Kickstarter-Projekt--Digital-Bolex---4-4-4-RAW-HD--9717. html (Digital Bolex D16 camera yet revolutionary way). Black Magic was not visible as camera manufacturers and therefore saw a RAW camera with Super16 sensor for $ 2500 as an almost unbelievable offer from. Many observers granted the project a no chances and warned that the capital raised in Kickstarter money certainly would burn batch of product. What, however fortunately turned out to be false. The Digital Bolex D16 was built actually and, because of its CCDs with global shutter also get a quite own, rather analog look. And not would be half a year later Blackmagic Cinema Camera with the surfaced that D16 would have certainlysignificantly more fans gotten. Whereby the camera already has some peculiarities, to lose yourself get used must: The integrated display is worth with its 320 x 240 pixels hardly the speech and the integrated SSD is not readily interchangeable (but there are also CF slots). Who had the camera in their hand had, wondering about her rather lush dimensions. For it has real XLRXLR im Glossar erklärt entrances and a very agreeable Dynamic Range with an appealing, analog noise profile. Unfortunately, the community was never really big, but there were quite a few, further spice daring tricks in order to look. The best we liked the combination of MFT mount and BMPCC-SpeedBooster (0.58x), which could squeeze out an extremly attractive Super35mm u200bu200blook with extreme Lichtstaerke from the Digital Bolex

Link more infos at bei www.digitalbolex.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Digital Bolex D16 streicht die Segel

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