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DuoVox Mate Pro: Night vision camera with Sony special sensor - colorful videos even in darkness

DuoVox Mate Pro: Night vision camera with Sony special sensor - colorful videos even in darkness

[11:20 thu,5.May 2022   by ]    

The Duovox Mate Pro camera is an interesting new project that has launched on Kickstarter, it is said to be the "world&s most advanced true color night vision camera" which has a 1,000x higher light sensitivity than the iPhone 13 Pro Max and at 22+ f-stops a 148% wider dynamic range than the Sony A7S III which is known for its light sensitivity.

DuoVox Mate Pro

This is made possible by the 1/1.18" STARVIS 2 CMOS sensor from Sony, which is actually intended for surveillance cameras and is sensitive not only to visible light but also to infrared light in combination with a lens with an f/0.9 aperture. This achieves its special light sensitivity by using BSI (Backside Illumination Sensor) technology, which allows more light to pass through to the photodiode than traditional front-illuminated sensors.


As a result, the Duovox Mate Pro compact camera is said to be able to capture high-quality images at light levels as low as 0.0001 lux, and to be able to display true colors even in very dark environments. It is also said to offer high-quality noise reduction, which is important because images with very high light sensitivity are often unusable if they have too much noise.

While modern smartphones also take quite amazing night shots by combining multiple photos into one via computational imaging, this only works well when the phone is held still and not with video. A more light-sensitive sensor, on the other hand, has distinct advantages when shooting video in the dark.

However, it is a special camera for night photography (for example, for observing wildlife at night, as a surveillance camera or as a night vision device/dashcam when driving), due to its small focal length and low photo resolution of 2K (3,200 x 1,808 pixels) or video resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels), it cannot replace a normal camera or smartphone - especially for still images.

According to test reports, the Duovox&s still images are very bright, but also have a lot of noise - the images of current top smartphones in night mode perform better compared to it - the Duovox only has advantages in video recording.

The 400 gram Duovox Mate Pro camera resembles a very small compact camera in terms of design, with a tiny lens with a very short focal length and a 3" IPS touchscreen on the back for operation. The minimum focal length is around 3 meters. On the top, there is only one button for power on, one for shooting, and four directional buttons.

There is also a dimmable LED on the front for additional illumination of the surroundings or objects, or for lighting in otherwise total darkness. The camera offers a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, which can be used to stream the live camera image or a saved recording to the associated smartphone app (and also to the Internet). The camera gets its power via its 3000mAh battery or via USB-C. Recordings are made on an SD memory card of up to 512 GB.

DuoVox Mate Pro

The project has already far exceeded the minimum sum of ,000, which means it will definitely be realized, with the campaign still running for a good three weeks. The Duovox Mate Pro has already been tested by several independent reviewers and is already the 4th generation of the Duovox night camera series, whose previous models have all been sold several 10,000 times via Kickstarter. Of course, there remains the inherent risk in crowdfunding campaigns that the - already paid for - product will not be delivered in the end. A Duovox Mate Pro costs during the campaign (plus shipping costs to Europe), later the regular price is supposed to be 1,200. Deliveries are scheduled to start in October 2022.

Bild zur Newsmeldung:

Link more infos at bei www.kickstarter.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: DuoVox Mate Pro: Nachtsichtkamera mit Sony Spezialsensor macht farbige Videos auch bei Dunkelheit

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