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Dynascore Musik-Engine -- AI times background music to videos

Dynascore Musik-Engine -- AI times background music to videos

[11:27 mon,19.April 2021   by ]    

When looking for background music for videos, you usually end up with stock audio services that offer a variety of pre-made tracks for licensing. This is somewhat convenient, but of course the tracks often do not fit exactly in terms of timing and length to an already edited clip, which is why the music selection is often made beforehand and then cut to the music.


With its dynamic music engine Dynascore, a new startup now promises soundtracks that are perfectly timed to image sequences and can be generated automatically in seconds at the touch of a button -- with the help of AI, of course. In the video timeline, you have to mark the points at which the image flow changes and the music should change, and you can also define the desired pauses in the music. But after that you just select a piece of music from the library and Dynascore does the rest, i.e. adjusts the music to the moving images.

The whole thing works as follows. All pieces (called Dynascores) in the sound library have been analyzed in advance by the AI algorithms and divided into the smallest possible units, called morphones, which in turn can be rearranged or rearranged differently depending on the specifications, so that a piece gets a desired length and has transitions, silent or particularly emphasized passages at specific time markers. This MIDI file is then "played out" by virtual instruments into a WAV file of max. 10 minutes length. The new piece sounds different after this remix, but still similar to before.

Currently the music library contains about 1000 pieces from different genres. Many of them have been specially commissioned, but among them are also well-known classical compositions by Beethoven, Bach and the like, which theoretically are not subject to copyright in their pure form (while in practice, of course, recordings by musicians are protected). While typical stock tracks sound quite arbitrary, so a remix should not make much of a difference, the idea that Dynascore "lends a hand" to classical pieces of music whose structure has been tweaked for a long time until it was coherent, takes some getting used to, at least for us.

Dynascore in Premiere Pro

The Dynascore music service is available as a standalone version for PC/Mac and as an extension for Adobe Premiere Pro CC. If you work in Premiere, the engine also automatically adjusts a Dynascore to the timeline on an ongoing basis when changes are made to the video there.

The service is offered as a subscription from /month and up, depending on track volume. The customized music tracks can be used as desired without further licensing costs. If you're curious, you can try Dynascore for free for 14 days and generate 20 dynamic tracks during that time.

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Dynascore Musik-Engine -- KI passt Musikstücke an Videoprojekte an

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