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Editing workflows for bigger film projects - how keeping the same survey

[09:58 sat,3.December 2016   by ]    

to use an editing program is quite fast learned most. However, For work effectively, it depends on more, especially when it comes to master complex projects with a lot of different footage - here are a great organization and flexible workflows asked to keep the overview and not to get tangled. And of course to work as effectively as possible to. Oliver Peters has collected in this somewhat older post tips that can be helpful when cutting from either long films or those with a lot of different raw material. It is for example. about when a transcoding can be useful (with very heterogeneous material or large files, keyword proxies) how to sort his footage to always find the right setting (in bins and on the timeline), all scenes

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Link more infos at bei digitalfilms.wordpress.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Editing-Workflows für größere Filmprojekte -- wie man den Überblick behält


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Editing-Workflows für größere Filmprojekte -- wie man den Überblick behält

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