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FCPX 10.4 with color wheels and curves, 8K, HEVC support, new HDR functions and much more.

FCPX 10.4 with color wheels and curves, 8K, HEVC support, new HDR functions and much more.

[20:38 sat,28.October 2017   by ]    

Apple gave an astonishingly deep insight into the 10.4 release of Final Cut Pro X at the FCPX Creative Summit in Cuprtino later this year. Among the most important innovations are the color wheels in Final Cut Pro X 10.4, which many users will want to see. These are supplemented by interactive "Color Curves" - RGBRGB im Glossar erklärt Hue and Saturation Bezier curves: A click on an image detail in the canvas shows the corresponding value on the color curves as a processing point - a function known (and estimated) from more complex color correction tools.

In addition, Final Cut Pro X 10.4 comes with full support for 360° video. This allows you to display 360° videos simultaneously on the screen as well as on the VR headset, remove 360° rigs from sequences via clone tool, level 360° horizons, create 3D titles and much more.

For users of devices with iOS 11, it is important to note that Final Cut Pro X 10.4 should support the newly introduced HEVC and HEIF recording formats.

In terms of video resolution, FCPX 10.4 should now support max. 8K native support video formats and color spaces up to HDR Rec 2020. The iMac Pro, which we probably introduced at the same time as FCPX 10.4 and which we have already reported on at here, is supposed to play in conjunction with FCPX 10.4 Pro Res 4444 files in 8 K resolution including color correction and effects in an unrendered timeline.

Other important new features include better support for Custom LUTs (which can now be loaded per clip and applied as an effect), white balance via color picker and HDR support.

The latter has not yet been specified in more detail - nor does it appear that there is any information on a more comprehensive audio editing in FCPX 10.4.

The announcement comes at an important point in time for Apple, after Blackmagic Design has already released DaVinci Resolve 14 and Adobe with its current Creative Cloud Lineup with many new features.

We are looking forward to testing the new FCPX 10.4 with new Apple hardware - let's see when it will be...

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: FCPX 10.4 mit Farbrädern und Kurven, 8K, HEVC-Unterstützung, neuen HDR Funktionen uvm.


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: FCPX 10.4 mit Farbrädern und Kurven, 8K, HEVC-Unterstützung, neuen HDR Funktionen uvm.

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