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FeiyuTech: Scorp and Scorp Pro one-hand gimbals

FeiyuTech: Scorp and Scorp Pro one-hand gimbals

[10:10 thu,18.November 2021   by ]    

Chinese gimbal specialist FeiyuTech has introduced two new 3-axis single-handed gimbals for DSLRs and DLSMs from Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Nikon and Fujifilm, the Scorp and the Scorp Pro. The two models differ in their maximum payload and some features.

FeiyuTech Scorp Pro Gimbal


The FeiyuTech Scorp is the smaller model, it weighs 1.17kg, has a payload capacity of 2.5kg, and features a low center of gravity, VLOG selfie and TikTok portrait capture fubnction, and long exposure time-lapse modes. All direct functions can be accessed via the 1.3" OLED touchscreen without the need for an app on the smartphone. Its battery life is up to 13 hours.

Scorp Pro

The larger FeiyuTech Scorp Pro weighs nearly twice as much at 2.1 kg, but its payload capacity is also nearly twice as large at up to 4.8 kg, making it suitable for larger cameras or heavier camera and lens combinations. It offers the features of the Scorp plus a detachable handle and dual electronic focus and zoom motor. The handle with the integrated display can also be used as a radio remote control for the gimbal up to a distance of 90 meters.

Common features of the FeiyuTech Scorp and Scorp Pro

- 3-axis motor lock design
- Free configuration of tase functions
- Automatic motor power setting and adjustment for use with multiple cameras and lenses
- Optional wireless microphone kit for better sound capture
- Magic wheel that allows you to customize the operating feel and damping
- Center of gravity slider for easier balancing.
- 1.3" touchscreen
- Touch screen operation without app to directly set parameters and change functions such as follow mode, shooting mode. Long exposure time-lapse, VLOG Selfi, TikTok Portrait.
- Two available USB ports for external focus motor/zoom in&out set (not simultaneously).
- Type-C fast charging port for gimbal, fully charged in 1.6 hours (Scrop) or 2.75 hours (Scorp Pro).
- ABC point focus point memory
- Lockable balancing system with reminder function
- Autofocus wheel and DeepL access keys

FeiyuTech Scorp Gimbal

Features of FeiyuTech Scorp

- Max payload of 2,.5 kg
- Built-in hanging bracket that can switch between different angles to allow for different shooting scenes
- No tripod required, the gimbal comes with a foldable cross bracket

FeiyuTech Scorp Gimbal

Features of FeiyuTech Scorp Pro

- Maximum 4.8 kg
- 3-axis motor lock design
- Detachable handle as a remote control
- Built-in vertical mounting plate that allows camera to be mounted on the gimbal in portrait orientation without additional accessories
- ARCA quick-release plate on the bottom of the gimbal that allows the gimbal to be quickly mounted on popular quick-release systems without having to remount the camera
- Two-wheel motor for follow focus and zoom

The FeiyuTech Scorp and the Scorp Pro gimbals can be ordered now for and , respectively.

Link more infos at bei store.feiyu-tech.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: FeiyuTech Scorp Pro Einhand-Gimbal mit Follow-Fokus und Fernsteuerung


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: FeiyuTech Scorp Pro Einhand-Gimbal mit Follow-Fokus und Fernsteuerung

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