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Film stunts are on the rise -- and getting riskier

Film stunts are on the rise -- and getting riskier

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Actioncams are said to indirectly increase the risk for sports accidents, because with a running camera on the helmet or handlebars, maneuvers are more often executed, which are actually too dangerous. It seems that a similar trend can also be observed in professional stunts.

As the Guardian writes, the demand for stunt people is said to have increased strongly, since the film and series audience increasingly wants to see real action instead of the inflationarily used, but often not completely convincing CGI effects. Of course, this fits well with the longing for old analog techniques and formats, and also with the importance that "authenticity" enjoys in today&s media landscape, but it also has unpleasant consequences.

On the one hand, the demand for stunt people is so high that it can no longer be covered by experienced professionals, so more and more newcomers are hired. At the same time, bigger and more dangerous stunts are demanded, so that a movie can really impress; the action competition is high. As a result, and not surprisingly, the number of accidents during the execution of stunts has also increased significantly, sometimes even with a fatal outcome. Recently, for example, a stuntman had a deadly accident during rehearsals for the second season of Titans, and in 2017 the death of stuntwoman Joi Harris went through the media, who lost control of her motorcycle during the shooting of Deadpool 2.

Dedicated to the stuntwoman: Deadpool 2

Not that they used to shoot less breakneck back in the days. We actually wanted to include some classic Buster Keaton stunts at this point, but while browsing the net we came across this 8-minute short film by Claude Lelouch -- it was shot in Paris in 1976, so long before Fast&Furious or GoPro, in a take in the very early morning. It was set to music (you can hear a Ferrari, not the Mercedes used), but otherwise it was neither accelerated nor manipulated in any way. There were no barriers or perambulations - the Wikipedia knows more about it. That could have also gone wrong...

Link more infos at bei www.theguardian.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Filmtrends: die Stunt-Branche boomt trotz CGI -- und wird gefährlicher

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