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Final Cut Pro X 10.3 includes a new interface and Rec. 2020 Support

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Apple just released the biggest update for Final Cut Pro X introduced since its launch - the editing program now presents itself with a completely over worked surface which is to a darker and more reduced than before, on the other hand, many of the controls are slightly hiked changed. There is the possibility to arrange the window layout of the interface for different tasks differently (organizing, cutting, color correction uae.) To choose either on multiple monitors, or between finished workspaces. pic1 is completely new course, the support of the touch bar, which can be found at the equally new Macbook Pro. This multi-touch display bar shows kontextabhaengige operating points - for example where there shortcuts to trim or play, or permit theto change or adjust audio levels between cutting tools. Also you can scroll in the bar with your finger quickly through his entire timeline. pic2: Different menu items on the touch strip The Magnetic TimelineTimeline im Glossar erklärt brings new features - all the clips are displayed color-coded depending on the type (roles) and also automatically grouped by these rollers arranged in the timeline. In timeline index, the order of roles is possible to arrange. Especially in the audio field, the sort should uae for dialogue, music, effects. a faster and more intuitive work permit. Panasonic V-Log material and ProResProRes im Glossar erklärt MFX is possible to edit with the new Final Cut Pro X, exporting AVC-Intra is also new. Also added is also the full support of the extendedColor space Rec 2020, but which can not be represented by many displays. addressed to professionals, but rather great future innovation so. More news are a frame blending to jump cuts less to have noticed, my timecode overlay / generator can be superimposed on the picture the originial timecode of the source material, and effects can delete and re-use now over multiple clips. Final Cut Pro X 10.3 is available for existing users as a free update. New it costs 299,99 Euro. An informative overview over new features in FCPX workflow found in Larry Jordan. Also Motion and Compressor were aktualisert with new surface and both also support the rec.

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Link more infos at bei www.apple.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Final Cut Pro X 10.3 mit neuer Oberfläche und Rec. 2020 Support

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