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Focus FS-P250 H.264 proxy and FS-T2001 XDCAM Recorder

[12:51 sat,15.September 2012   by ]    

For the NAB 2012 angekuendigte FS-P250 is a portable recorder, the can be attached to the camcorder, in parallel to accommodate 10-bit 4:2:24:2:2 im Glossar erklärt AVC-Intra video on a P2 card in the camera over SDISDI im Glossar erklärt H.264 proxies (including metadata and timecode) to SDHC cards in the form of. MOV files to save. PIC1: Focus FS-P250 proxy recorder The video signals can also be passed to an external monitor via loop-through. With the optional WLAN module Panasonic AJ-WM30 can enter metadata via the web or the live recordings are viewed. A desktop application that syncs with the Proxies An adjacent P2 footage and integrated metadata. The proxies have a size ofeither 480x270 at 800 Kbps, 640x360, or 960x540 at 1.5 Mbps at 4 Mbps (HD) or 352x288 at 800 Kbps for PALPAL im Glossar erklärt SD. Vitec Focus FS-P250 is as of September 2012 at a price of 1,200 euros to be available. PIC 2: Focus FS-T2001 Media Recorder also been introduced at NAB 2012 Vitec has the field recorder Focus FS-T2001. He covers the entire range of Sony professional recording formats (XDCAM EX 25/30 Mbps, XDCAM HD422 50 Mpbs and AVIAVI im Glossar erklärt DV25). He also has a dual PC Express Slot (as can data from one copy to another card), a built-in 250 GB hard drive, SD / HD-SDI in / out, composite out, 2xUSB, Kopfhoererausgang, HDMIHDMI im Glossar erklärt, Gigabit Ethernet, an integrated color LCD screen for displaying menus, live video or playback the clip. The Focus FS-T2001 Media

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Focus FS-P250 H.264 Proxy und FS-T2001 XDCAM Recorder

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