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Four new analog 65mm IMAX film cameras in development

Four new analog 65mm IMAX film cameras in development

[09:44 Mon,21.March 2022   by ]    

IMAX has announced the development of four new film cameras. Well, not four new models, but four in total. Considering that only about ten analog IMAX films are produced in a year, even four additional cameras already seem more than enough to meet the worldwide distribution needs for IMAX cameras.

The first prototype is currently being tested and is expected to be officially available in 2023. The cameras are being created in collaboration with Kodak, and Panavision. The currently most active IMAX filmmakers Christopher Nolan and Jordan Peele are to contribute their experience.


Both Peele's next film "Nope" (theatrical release July 22, 2022) and Christopher Nolan's upcoming film "Oppenheimer" (scheduled for 2023) will be shot on Kodak 65mm film using IMAX film cameras.

Nolan is considered one of the last great Hollywood directors to remain loyal to analog film: Thus, he is quoted regarding the new IMAX cameras as saying, "From resolution and color to sharpness and overall quality, there is nothing that compares to using IMAX film cameras. Filmmakers and film fans around the world should be excited by the prospect of new and improved IMAX film cameras."

At Kodak, such statements naturally elicit great goodwill, which resulted in, among other things, the announcement of expanded technical support. After all, Kodak is the manufacturer and supplier of the appropriate 65mm film stock.

The new cameras are said to be considerably quieter and to have been further improved in terms of user-friendliness. Nevertheless, the average filmmaker will hardly ever come into contact with an analog IMAX camera in his lifetime, since the costs for rental, material and development are almost prohibitively high.

By the way, those who want or need to can also produce digitally for IMAX; ARRI has a special version of the ALEXA 65 in its pocket for this purpose.

And those who are actually interested in an IMAX production can visit marvel at the cameras used to shoot IMAX films in 2021. IMAX-certified are also a lot of digital cameras, among others the ARRI ALEXA LF, ARRI MINI LF, ARRI ALEXA 65, Panavision DXL2, RED Ranger MONSTRO, as well as the Sony VENICE.

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Vier neue, analoge 65-mm-IMAX Filmkameras in der Entwicklung

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