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Frame.io: Camera to Cloud

Frame.io: Camera to Cloud

[12:01 mon,22.February 2021   by ]    

The team behind collaboration tool Frame.io has teamed up with several partners to launch the Camera to Cloud (C2C) initiative, which aims to enable completely cloud-based workflows in the future. For example, H.264 proxies of camera and sound recordings of each shot from the set will be uploaded directly to the automatic cloud using C2C-certified encoders, where they can then be viewed in near real-time by editors and routed to a producer or editor - regardless of geographic location.

Camera to Cloud (C2C) also allows authenticated users to stream live images from cameras on set to creative teams so they can follow along on their computers, iPhones or iPads to be "virtually" on set. Traditionally, getting footage from a camera into post-production has been a time-consuming process that required backing up files, transferring them to a hard drive and sending them to another facility.

The goal is to enable both much faster and easier work, and not just in post-production. The entire process from camera capture to the editing room will be redefined, according to Frame.io. It also aims to automate many steps with machine learning to save time and effort.

Frame.io Camera to Cloud

The C2C project is the result of a collaboration between several technology providers, including Teradek, Sound Devices, Colorfront and several major camera manufacturers such as Panavision, ARRI and Sony - with more to follow. To that end, Frame.io has opened up its API and is making it available to other manufacturers interested in developing Frame.io C2C-certified software and hardware.

Currently, the C2C workflow works with the Teradek CUBE 655 (video) streaming encoder and the Sound Devices 888 or Sound Devices Scorpio recorders (both audio).

Frame.io Camera to Cloud Workflow

Recordings are automatically compressed by these upon completion and then timecode-accurate H.264 proxies with appropriate metadata are sent directly to Frame.io over an encrypted and secure connection via LTE, 5G or WiFi, making the footage available to off-site team members for quick triage and editing.

C2C features are included at no additional cost for Frame.io users with a paid account. With new monthly Enterprise plans, customers and studios can purchase the type of service they need for the duration of their production. Frame.io C2C is currently in beta, but will officially launch as early as March. Customers can apply to participate in the beta program on the Frame.io website. Live streaming capabilities will be available later in 2021.

Link more infos at bei www.frame.io

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Frame.io Camera to Cloud: Cloud-basierter Echtzeit-Workflow von der Kamera bis zum Schnitt

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