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Frame.io Camera-to-Cloud Beta available for RED V-RAPTOR & V-RAPTOR XL

Frame.io Camera-to-Cloud Beta available for RED V-RAPTOR & V-RAPTOR XL

[14:57 Thu,8.December 2022   by ]    

During Adobe MAX in October, Adobe announced its new integration with the RED V-RAPTOR and V-RAPTOR XL cameras, weclhe is supposed to offer the possibility to transfer 8K REDCODE RAW files directly from the camera to the cloud. Now, just in time since St. Nicholas Day, a corresponding beta version is available for download.

In contrast to the previously available Camera-to-Cloud solutions, no additional external recorder (e.g. from Atomos) is necessary for the two RED models in order to upload files directly. According to Adobe, the workflow has been extensively tested, with a CDL, a ProRes proxy file, a WAV file and a custom LUT being transferred in addition to the 8K RAW 3D files.

The RED V-RAPTOR models can now be networked directly with Frame.io.

Since in this case you are sending full 8K RAW data in addition to proxy files, a very fast data connection with a lot of available data volume is mandatory. After all, the 8K RED-RAW files are easily a power of ten larger than typical proxy streams, which usually have moderate data rates below 100 Mbps. But in the end, the original data must somehow find its way to the editing suite...

By the way, those who don't want to work only with proxies and external recorders don't have to rely exclusively on RED. In spring 2023, the FUJIFILM X-H2S will be the first system camera to offer direct file transfer to the Internet, but only in combination with the optional FT-XH transmitter/battery module. This comes with an Ethernet port and makes the X-H2S network-compatible, wired or wireless. The camera-to-cloud capability is then to be added via firmware update, as with RED.

FUJI's X-H2s will also soon be Camera2Cloud-capable with the FT-XH grip.

All formats supported by the camera can be transferred, including ProRes, but not ProRes RAW, which is only output to external recorders.

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Frame.io Camera-to-Cloud Beta für RED V-RAPTOR & V-RAPTOR XL verfügbar


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Frame.io Camera-to-Cloud Beta für RED V-RAPTOR & V-RAPTOR XL verfügbar

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