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Free movies by VHS or DVD for everyon: FreeBlockbuster.org

Free movies by VHS or DVD for everyon: FreeBlockbuster.org

[11:44 sun,12.September 2021   by ]    

VHS is back - at least in the USA. Analogous to the idea of public bookcases, the FreeBlockbuster movement was launched, which uses specially designed boxes to create places where neighbors can exchange old VHS tapes or DVDs among themselves free of charge. The nonprofit organization is named after the once-great video rental company Blockbuster, which went bankrupt nearly 10 years ago.


The blue FreeBlockbuster boxes can be manufactured simply by Do-it-yourself from discarded newspaper vending machines, in the meantime the organization in addition, interested one from plastic manufactured models at the price of approximately 200 euro offers. Naturally the boxes can be equipped except with VHS tapes or DVDs also with other media such as video games, music, film roles or also with old video recorders and DVD players, it depends completely on who has what left and to the free lending is willing to release.


Since probably not every neighbor still has a suitable player, it is probably a good idea to also make these available for lending. A problem could be the analog Scart connections of old VHS recorders, which are no longer available on modern (digital) SmartTVs - converters are needed here. However, some new flat-screen TVs are still equipped with RCA or YUVYUV im Glossar erklärt sockets and can thus display the pictures from VHS recorders equipped with them. However, according to eyeballs, there are more DVDs than cassettes on the market anyway, benefiting from the better availability of old DVD players (or even drives integrated into computers).


Of course, the picture quality of especially old VHS tapes is not to everyone&s taste, but it is hoped that especially for older generations the nostalgia effect and the fact of watching free movies from the possibly otherwise very anonymous neighborhood will more than compensate for the lack of quality.

Anyone can join in and start their own franchise using the startup instructions: find an old newspaper box and renovate it with a new look, fill it with content (see above), add the new box to the FreeBloxckbuster map online and spread the happy news of free rental movies in the neighborhood. For the ongoing operation, each box is, of course, dependent on the participation of the entire neighborhood, i.e., on the placement of new media as well as the return of borrowed media according to the motto "Take a movie, leave a movie".

Link more infos at bei www.freeblockbuster.org

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Kostenlose Filme auf VHS oder DVD für Alle? FreeBlockbuster.org

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