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Free sound effects and VFX clips from Premium Beat

Free sound effects and VFX clips from Premium Beat

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The Soundtrack and SoundFX Portal Premium Beat, which has been part of Shutterstock since 2015, regularly releases free sound effects and VFX - we&ve collected recent downloads. The sound effects can be used to produce a sound track with exactly mixed sound effects for your own film, e.g. if no or only bad original sounds exist, in order to create specific moods via sound and to underline or supplement the picture impressions. The video effects are mainly available in 4K and can be used for special effects via compositing, e.g. in After Effects or Premiere. All sound effects can be used freely in private or commercial projects.

15 background noise tracks (Ambient Sound) - including bustling street life, birdsong, ocean sounds, the interior of a car and a windy desert.

Sounds from 42 different footsteps - Steps on different surfaces such as wood, gravel and concrete and at different walking speeds.

Not sounds but visual effects are included in this package, more precisely 70 VFX especially for action movies, among others different muzzle flashes, sparks, energy fields, magic flashes, ball impacts and the like. On the linked page you will also find a short instruction how to use the effects for compositing in Adobe After Effects.

For example, the 47 Space clips, which show animated galaxies and nebulae as well as space atmospheres and star fields, are intended for science fiction films.

21 free Motion Graphics templates for Premiere, more precisely 8 customizable animated title sequences and 13 modern transitions - the page also explains how to use and customize the templates in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

The 17 anamorphic Lens Flares can be used for the purpose of achiving professional looking len flare effects in the post.

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