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German film producers demand nationwide shooting ban

German film producers demand nationwide shooting ban

[14:34 tue,24.March 2020   by ]    

The German film industry and all those employed in it are suffering severely from the corona-induced breakdown and the postponement of large and small productions. At Studio Babelsberg Sony Pictures "Uncharted" and Warner Bros. "The Matrix 4", for example, were paused for several weeks - as were many TV productions such as the popular ZDF series "Die Bergretter".

Keeping a minimum distance in everyday life to reduce the risk of illness is hardly compatible with normal work on a film set. Potentially, with only one asymptotically infected person, the set becomes a place of mass transmission of many people involved, and the producers thus become responsible for possible (serious) illnesses or even deaths - a burden they do not want to carry.

But since at the moment official rules still allow film production on private property, the productions that have not yet been cancelled are now faced with the choice of either continuing with all the dangers of a possible COVID-19 infection of the crew (and the then anyway unavoidable stop of the production including quarantine for all involved) or facing financial ruin.

That&s why Producers& Association, the Film- und Medienverband NRW and film producers such as the Berlin X-Films are calling for an official, government-imposed, nationwide ban on filming in order to create the legal basis for film productions to qualify for the various state aid measures. Because since production is actually still allowed at the moment, the consequences of an arbitrary production stop fall entirely on the producers, who can then be held liable for millions in damages - those responsible then find themselves in a moral-financial dilemma.

In an open letter the filmmaker Markus Goeller ("25 km/h") agrees with this demand:

Teams of 70-100 people work together in a very small space, actors hug each other, kiss, props go through hands, make-up artists, wardrobes, sound assistants in full contact with the actors. Shooting forces the actors to touch each other. Turning forces to connect. Locations are an ideal hub and a feast for any virus. And after work is done, everyone goes home and meets their loved ones or friends.


Please stop all filming permissions in Germany IMMEDIATELY!

If the authorities don&t put a stop to it immediately, all producers who are currently filming will be in an absolute moral and existential disaster.

If they stop filming, it will have existential economic consequences that will remain with the productions alone, because no rescue parachute will ever open for approved work, i.e. filming. This would require an official ban on filming, which is partly in place, but not, for example, on private property, which is usually the case for studios.

If they continue to shoot because they simply have their backs against the wall and face economic and perhaps human ruin, then they are acting against all social responsibility and endangering every single person and our big whole.

After all, in order to cushion the financial consequences for all those involved in a cancelled or postponed film project, there are now, in addition to general government emergency aid measures, various initiatives for special emergency aid for the film industry.

For example, FFA (the German Federal Film Board) has decided on a comprehensive package of measures and the creation of an aid fund jointly supported by the FFA, the BKM and the state supporters. The measures, which were introduced retroactively as of March 1, include a waiver of the repayment of subsidies for productions that were terminated by the pandemic, and a deferral of repayments already due.
The ARD Fiction Coordinator, Jörg Schönenborn gives hope for the period after the strict restrictions, when film production can be resumed:


We stand by our production promises. Shooting that had to be interrupted will be resumed when the situation allows. Planned productions get new delivery dates. We will do our utmost to support contract producers in coping with this crisis. The framework for this has been set./i>

Link more infos at bei www.produzentenverband.de

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Deutsche Filmproduzenten fordern bundesweites Drehverbot

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