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Gling: AI assistant for editing automatically detects muddled takes

Gling: AI assistant for editing automatically detects muddled takes

[12:59 Tue,4.April 2023   by ]    

The new AI tool Gling wants to relieve users of a lot of tedious work when editing voice recordings. Gling is aimed specifically at video podcasts, YouTubers or, more generally, recordings with mono or dialog, of which many different more or less good takes exist in one or more recordings, which have to be laboriously searched for the best version during editing. Gling helps here by analyzing the existing video material of a scene and automatically recognizing which takes are unusable - for example, because of slips, splices or stutters - and then sorting them out. In addition, the pauses between the repetitions of the scene are recognized and cut out and everything spoken is automatically transcribed into text.

Based on the transcription, the user can then manually review all scenes (including a preview window with the video recording) to check which takes were discarded by the AI and correct this selection again - if necessary. Similar to text-based editing in Adobe Premiere (Beta), editing a text of the transcription also cuts the associated video.


Gling is a desktop app for Windows and macOS and can be fed with one or more video clips. In a few minutes the material is analyzed, after which the resulting video can be exported either as a non-destructive XML cut list or as an MP4 or MP3 file as well as the subtitles in the form of an .SRT file to popular video editing programs such as Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve.


According to YouTuber Rafael Ludwig, automatic rough editing via bad take detection works amazingly well and saves a lot of time (though he&s not entirely impartial - he also earns from every referral on Gling).

What does Gling cost?

Gling is free for the first video - each additional one costs per clip (which can be 60 minutes long). Currently, only English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Turkish and Hebrew are supported - but by next week at the latest, Gling should also work in German. It is to be expected that other manufacturers will soon offer similar functionalities - either in the form of their own tool or an integration into an existing (editing) program.


The AI ​​Future

Gling is one of a growing number of AI tools that (e.g. in the field of video editing) help to relieve tedious work by automating simple work steps (such as searching through several takes of a scene for the best shot here). Ideally, AI gives you more time to produce interesting content and wastes less time on more or less boring work, such as viewing and sorting out bad takes in the case of Gling. (Thanks to berlin123 from the slashCAM forum for the tip)

Has anyone of you already gained practical experience with Gling?

Link more infos at bei www.gling.ai

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Gling: KI-Assistent für den Schnitt erkennt verhaspelte Takes automatisch


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Gling: KI-Assistent für den Schnitt erkennt verhaspelte Takes automatisch

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