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GoPro introduces Hero8 Black and Max: Even better hypersmooth, front screens, 360° video, modules an

GoPro introduces Hero8 Black and Max: Even better hypersmooth, front screens, 360° video, modules an

[10:48 wed,2.October 2019   by ]    

GoPro seems to have recorded the spring glove that DJI threw down with the OSMO action in early summer this year and has just introduced its highly modular GoPro Hero 8 Black and the completely redesigned GoPro MAX with double lens including 360 degree video function.

Here is the promotion video for the GoPro MAX:

And here the GoPro Hero 8 Black Video:


GoPro MAX:

With the new GoPro MAX, GoPro is treading completely new paths. Thanks to the double lens (1 each on the front and back), the GoPro Max can be used either as a normal "HERO camera" as before, or for 360° videos or corresponding 270° photo panoramas (PowerPano). Thanks to the built-in front screen, the GoPro Max is also suitable for vlogging setups.


According to GoPro, the video stabilization ("Max HyperSmooth") built into the GoPro MAX is supposed to offer the best video stabilization of all previous GoPros and has a new, automatic horizon alignment (which we personally are already quite excited about).

The built-in lenses of the GoPro MAX can be read out with 4 different crops (narrow, linear (distortion-free), wide and Max SuperView), whereby the latter should have the largest field of view of all previous GoPros.


New in the GoPro app are reframing functions, with which 360° shots can be "reframed" into normal photos and videos. Also here we are quite curious about the quality of these reframings. With appropriate quality we see here for the action area a lot of application potential.

The GoPro Max also has a lot to offer when it comes to audio. GoPro refers to six integrated microphones with which 360° audios, directional audios for vlogging as well as wind noise reduction and especially good stereo sound can be produced.


The GoPro Max also offers new Timewarp functions. Timewarps can be recorded in 360° mode as well as in HERO mode. In Hero mode, you can switch between real-time and time-lapse during recording.

Getting so much additional technology waterproof should not be an easy task - accordingly, the GoPro Max also "only" offers a depth of 5m. (Like its predecessor, the new GoPro Hero8 Black is waterproof to 10m).

The GoPro MAX will be available from mid-October at an RRP of 529.99 Euro.

GoPro Hero8 Black:
Almost more exciting than the GoPro MAX is the new modular concept of the GoPro HERO8 Black. Three optional expansion stages (MODs) for the HERO 8 Black will be available from December: Media Mod (3.5 mm microphone and HDMIHDMI im Glossar erklärt outputs and two accessory shoes), Display Mod (a foldable screen that makes the Hero8 Black suitable for vlogging) and Light Mod (a pluggable LED light).


Like the MAX, the improved Hypersmooth 2.0 stabilization of the new GoPro Hero8 Black now also has integrated horizon alignment in addition to a boost level.

With TimeWarp 2.0, speed ramps can now be built into the Timewarp of the Hero8 Black via touchscreen tip (both deceleration and acceleration should be possible).


The HDR mode of the GoPro Hero8 has also been revised and with the LiveBurst function the Hero8 now also has a PreRec function (1.5 seconds before and after triggering) for photos (which can also be converted into 3-second 4K video clips).

The GoPro Hero8 has 3 integrated microphones and is said to have reduced all wind noise.


A nice detail that both the new GoPro Max and the Hero8 Black share is the action mount now integrated in the case. This can be folded out at the bottom if required. This eliminates (finally!) the fiddling with external cage. Should the holder break out, it can be replaced by the user himself as a spare part.

The GoPro Hero8 Black will be available from mid-October at an RRP of 429,- Euro.

We are already very curious about the first tests. More about this soon on slashCAM...

Link more infos at bei gopro.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: GoPro stellt Hero8 Black und Max vor: Noch besseres Hypersmooth, Frontscreens, 360° Video, Module uvm.


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: GoPro stellt Hero8 Black und Max vor: Noch besseres Hypersmooth, Frontscreens, 360° Video, Module uvm.

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