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Graphics card prices drop, but not enough: AMD and Nvidia reduce even further

Graphics card prices drop, but not enough: AMD and Nvidia reduce even further

[14:41 Mon,5.September 2022   by ]    

According to a report from the trade magazine wcftech, both AMD and NVIDIA are planning extensive additional price cuts for their graphics cards. Both manufacturers are supposed to release a new GPU generation this year - Nvidia&s RTX 4000 and AMD&s RX 7000 series. The prerequisite, however, is that the models of the current generation are sold off, because after the release of the new, more powerful cards, there is a risk that they will become slow sellers.

Price development of the ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 3090 OC

Due to the crypto crisis, demand has dropped sharply this year - and consequently the prices as well, although some of them had reached astronomical heights before. Apparently, the prices are still not low enough to be attractive for many users - both Nvidia and AMD had reduced the prices, but these price reductions do not seem to have had the desired effect yet.

That&s why the stocks should finally be reduced in September with further price reductions, promotions and discounts, which should go far beyond the previous efforts, in order to make room for the new models, which should probably be released piece by piece starting in October. The new Nvidia models are to be unveiled at GTC 2022 on September 20.

Nvidia RTX 3080 and 3090

However, analysts don&t expect this campaign to be all that successful: the general economic situation doesn&t leave the wallets of most potential buyers loose enough to buy graphics cards at prices ranging from several hundred to over 1,000 euros - at least if they aren&t necessary for work, but only for hobby gaming, which is by far the biggest market for such graphics cards.

In addition, the collapse of crypto gaming means that many used graphics cards are also on the market, which means competition for the new models - at least if the potential buyers don&t know that these crypto GPUs are generally not recommended. Of course, the sale is also made more difficult by the fact that users who invest a lot of money in a new graphics card are reluctant to do so when a new, much more powerful generation is just around the corner (which is also equipped with significantly more VRAM than the previous series). Such a purchase of the equally outdated previous generation is not attractive for power users, even with strongly reduced prices, but rather for users who want to cheaply upgrade from an old performance-weak GPU to a more performant model.

Reduced Nvidia RTX 3090s

On the other hand, the boom of computer-generated images by users via text input, which has broken out due to the release of Stable Diffusion, could also increase the demand for powerful GPUs and thus represent a completely new additional market. But to what extent this will become a mass phenomenon remains to be seen.

Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti

But maybe the graphics card manufacturers got too used to being able to raise the prices higher and higher during the long crypto boom and overlooked the fact that the market was distorted by the unique possibility to convert computing power directly into money through crypto mining and thus amortize the (also twice as high) purchase price within a relatively short time.

Link more infos at bei wccftech.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Grafikkartenpreise sinken, aber noch nicht genug: AMD und Nvidia reduzieren noch weiter


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Grafikkartenpreise sinken, aber noch nicht genug: AMD und Nvidia reduzieren noch weiter

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