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Hedge Postlab for Media Composer enables team editing in the cloud for Avid editors

Hedge Postlab for Media Composer enables team editing in the cloud for Avid editors

[09:42 sat,6.November 2021   by ]    

With AVID Edit on Demand, a possibility for remote editing with Media Composer has been available as a SaaS version since this spring, with a NEXIS Cloud Workspace that can be accessed from anywhere. Alternatively, the latest version of Hedge Postlab now also offers support for Avid's Media Composer Ultimate (on Mac and PC) for collaborative editing via the cloud.

This is done by recognizing Drive, Postlab's cloud storage, as a third-party shared storage from AVID thanks to LucidLink technology and enabling Bin Locking. Postlab effectively acts as an extension of an on-site Nexis system or other Avid-compatible NAS/SAN storage - only remotely, while retaining the essential functions and features of the workflows. Existing workspaces are kept in sync and users should be able to collaborate seamlessly on projects without overwriting each other's work.

This should work even if the Internet connection is not optimal. If bandwidth is not sufficient for real-time cloud operation, media files are preloaded and intelligently cached to be seamlessly available for editing. Postlab's Workspace feature also allows editors to cache an entire folder and its contents locally, so only metadata and lockfiles need to be synchronized.

The Postlab platform can be used by post-production facilities and media companies through a flexible pricing model - team size can be scaled up or down as needed - starting at per user per month. A 15-day, fully functional trial version of Hedge is available for testing Postlab for Media Composer.


deutsche Version dieser Seite: Hedge Postlab for Media Composer ermöglicht Team-Schnitt in der Cloud für Avid Editoren


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Hedge Postlab for Media Composer ermöglicht Team-Schnitt in der Cloud für Avid Editoren

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