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How does Netflix choose its cameras? A look behind the scenes

How does Netflix choose its cameras? A look behind the scenes

[15:39 Mon,4.July 2022   by ]    

The Netflix Approved Camera List has become a kind of unofficial seal of approval for professional cameras, on which the largest streaming portal specifies which cameras may be used to record its films and series. The list of cameras that meet Netflix&s minimum requirements includes cine models such as ARRI&s ALexas, RED&s DSMC2 variants, Canon&s C500/C700 and Sony&s Venice, as well as prosumer cameras such as Panasonic&s DSLM S1H and Blackmagic Design&s URSA Mini 4.6.


Not only are the cameras listed, but a camera guide specific to each camera in the form of a small PDF also lists the permitted recording modes (resolution, codec, format, color space) and other camera settings. For commissioned work for Netflix Fiction, at least 90% of the footage should be shot with cameras from this list, so that the quality requirements meet the official Netflix requirements. For documentary work, Netflix is more flexible and will accept less than 90%. Netflix thus takes into account very special recordings (for example, drone, crash, underwater or high-speed recordings) that are only possible with special cameras that are not actually on the Approved List.

In the following clip, Netflix camera specialist Chris Pyrgrocki explains the selection process for Approved cameras and gives an insight into the Netflix camera measurement lab:

The Netflix Approved Camera List is not only important for filmmakers who want to produce for Netflix, but has become a good buying criterion for semi-/professional filmmakers, as Netflix effectively acts as an independent tester who has a lot of hands-on experience with cameras (and the resulting footage) and pays special attention to the image quality of cameras out of self-interest alone. Potential buyers can thus be sure not to make a fundamentally wrong decision even without long research and expert knowledge. In addition, Netflix approval of a camera guarantees that it also represents a relatively good investment for the future - an important criterion in view of the high price of cine cameras.

Netflix also lays out what criteria a camera must meet in order to receive approval. For example, the minimum requirements for cameras include a sensor resolution of at least UltraHD 4K (3,830 x 2,160 sensel), a high-quality recording format such as RAW (X-OCN, REDCODE, Arriraw,...) or intra-frame compression (such as XAVC, AVC-Intra, or ProRes) with a minimum data rate of 240 Mbits/s, a gamma curve, and the recording of metadata such as timecode, lens info, frame rate, ISO, WB, etc.


In addition to these specs, Netflix also reviews each camera for aspects such as workflow, color dynamic range, chroma subsampling, image noise, color reproduction, form factor, and more. Also important to the final verdict on a camera is feedback from production regarding stability and reliability of a camera system or support for a specific shooting format. In this regard, Netflix is in contact with manufacturers to ensure that each camera is optimally set up to deliver its best performance. That&s because the Netflix Approved seal is also highly coveted by manufacturers.


Of course, the Netflix list is not absolute - there are also many other cameras that produce excellent images, but it can be helpful when choosing a camera. For example, Netflix did not include functionality that is only enabled by optional third-party accessories (such as external recorders).

Link more infos at bei www.youtube.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Wie wählt Netflix seine Kameras aus? Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen des Netflix Messlabors

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