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Intel: HighEnd CPU Cascade Lake-X comes October and brings more performance for your money

Intel: HighEnd CPU Cascade Lake-X comes October and brings more performance for your money

[17:39 sat,7.September 2019   by ]    

Intel has announced that next-generation processors for high-end PCs codenamed Cascade Lake-X will be introduced next month. The new HEDT (high-end desktop portfolio) CPUs are expected to deliver significantly more performance per dollar than the current Skylake-X generation. In general, Intel does not give exact data to the public 1 month before the launch of new CPUs, but has published a graph which should illustrate the relative performance increase.

The relative performance per dollar of the new Cascade Lake-X CPUs should be 1.74 to 2x as high as that of the Skylake-X processors. Intel did not disclose which application scenarios/benchmarks were used to determine these values. AMD&s Ryzen CPUs also appear on the same graph, with values from 1.30 (Thrwadripper 2990WX) to 1.16 (Threadripper 2950X) relative to the Skylake-X.

Cascade Lake-X Relative Performance

Since a higher absolute performance of the Cascade Lake-X CPUs compared to the Skylake-Y CPUs is expected, but this will probably not be too high, the higher relative "CPU power for the money" value points to a price reduction on the part of Intel, in order to become more competitive again compared to AMD, which won the performance crown for the first time with the new Ryzen processors.

How many cores the new Cascade Lake-X CPUs have, which frequency they are clocked with and how expensive they will be, will only become clear next month - if there are no leaks before. But it is clear that they will continue to use the LGA2066 socket and (after a firmware update) will be compatible with current X299 motherboards. What Intel also presents - the answer from AMD in the form of the Threadripper 3000 will not be long in coming. For power users in any case, more processor power for the same money is a pleasing development.

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Intel: HighEnd CPU Cascade Lake-X kommt Oktober und bringt mehr Leistung fürs Geld

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