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Intel impressed with walk-VR video recording 3GB per frame // CES 2017

[10:58 sat,7.January 2017   by ]    

Intel seems to have bid at CES a pretty impressive VR presentation - the approximately 250 attendees was about Project Alloy, Intel's stand-alone VR headsets, pre leads several scenes. Noteworthy are mainly shots from Ban Gioc waterfall in Vietnam, where the audience could move freely, as it would be a rendered game, although it is stereoscopic 360 real imagery. The following clip is a glimpse of what was to be seen: VY = DFobWjSYst4 The volumetric video was hypevr.com by the company (HypeVR) turned that on "ultra-high resolution live action VR capture and playback with six is degrees of freedom "specializes; founded it was Ted Schilowitz (who looks familiar name: exactly he was earlier in RED). With "6 degrees of freedom"(6DoF) is meant the full range of motion in the (illustrated) space. How this article describes HypeVR sets in the recordings on a s3Ds3D im Glossar erklärt VR rig consisting of 14 RED Dragon cameras and a LiDAR sensor from Velodyne, which in is to be able to capture depth information also over longer distances (up to 100m). Each camera will record video with 6k times 3k (Thanks LiDAR in 3D space) finished died eights video should have a resolution of 84K at 90fps. Pretty violent, but according to a HypeVR employees there should be plans to implement the technology and for more favorable and more compact systems. pic1: HypeVR rotation in Vietnam How Intel proudly points out in his presentation, each video frame is about 3GB big - the required computing power is thereforeenormous. Was just Intel naturally turn may be just right. Should this expensive, but perhaps actually "realistic" type of VR video to prevail in future assistants, may the Absatzmaerkte the hardware giant be saved. The Project Alloy headset was introduced in the fall and will join the end of the year on the market. It should be unwired usable and bring their own a processor graphics solution and two Real Sense cameras. Thus, no external sensors are required. The presentation is to selectively merge the real environment and the virtual world together, Intel therefore speaks of "Merged Reality". For the highest possible widespread Intel will provide the hardware even as open source at your disposal, so give others access to build data so who would like a

Bilder zur Newsmeldung:

Link more infos at bei newsroom.intel.de

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Intel beeindruckt mit begehbaren VR-Videoaufnahmen à 3GB pro Frame // CES 2017

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Intel beeindruckt mit begehbaren VR-Videoaufnahmen à 3GB pro Frame // CES 2017

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