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Intel's next CPU comes with an integrated AMD graphics unit!

Intel's next CPU comes with an integrated AMD graphics unit!

[20:28 mon,6.November 2017   by ]    

Intel has announced a new Core H CPU of the 8th generation, which has a special AMD Radeon GPU including the new, fast HBM2 memory. The new CPU is expected to be launched at the beginning of 2018 and will have enough GPU power to play current top games. CPU, GPU and the stacked graphics memory are located on an EMIB board and have extremely fast connections with each other including a so-called power sharing function. A special driver can be used to read out and balance the temperature, energy consumption and actual power.

The relatively unexpected cooperation with competitor AMD in the field of CPUs targets notebooks and other mobile computers, because in contrast to previous CPU/GPU solutions for mobile systems, the new processors are considerably thinner and altogether smaller and thus can also be used in (ultra)thin (2-in-1) laptops.


According to Intel, this means that even very portable small devices will be able to offer high (GPU) processing power in the future. The new HBM2 graphics memory is ideal for the new solution because it is more space-saving and energy-saving than the GDDR5 memory previously used. Intel has not announced whether the Intel HD Graphics GPU, which is usually integrated on the CPU, will also be on board.


However, there are no benchmarks available that show how powerful the AMD Radeon GPU is. In view of the increasing importance of powerful GPUs for coping with many parallel computations (grades in the field of video editing), this is a positive step also for mobile post-production. In the first quarter, the first products from major hardware manufacturers will be launched on the market, using the new small CPU/GPU combination.


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Intels nächste CPU kommt mit integrierter AMD GPU!

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