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Intel's revolutionary display battery-saving technology as well as Core i7-8086K and 28 core wor

Intel's revolutionary display battery-saving technology as well as Core i7-8086K and 28 core wor

[16:04 wed,6.June 2018   by ]    

bildAt Computex, Intel has officially announced the Core i7-8086K Limited Edition, a limited anniversary edition for the 40th anniversary of the Intel 8086, which was Intel&s first 16-bit x86 processor and still represents the rudimentary command base of the current Intel (and AMD) processor architecture. The Core i7-8086K is a six-core CPU with hyperthreading for the 1151 socket, with a single-core turbo clock of up to 5 GHz, 1000 times higher than the original 5 MHz single core 8086.

The sale is scheduled to start on June 8, 2018 at 9:00 a.m., with Intel itself so far naming 425 dollars without taxes. Worldwide, the circulation will be only 50,000 copies.

As a failed PR stunt, however, the announcement of a 28 core processor for the workstation market is likely to be remembered. Intel showed in a short demo a 28 core processor that set new records in the Cinebench with all cores at 5GHz. However, the processor could only keep this speed for a few seconds under an extreme cooling device, which was just enough for the demo.

In practice, however, the 28 core computer should be delivered with a basic clock rate well below 3 GHz. Probably the demo processor was simply an unlocked XEON, which currently costs about 8,000 EUro. In order to compete with AMD&s Threadripper, the price should of course drop significantly, but Intel will also have to launch a new HEDT workstation platform with new motherboards.

The real embarrassment, however, began with the AMD press conference at which AMD surprisingly announced the delivery of Threadripper II with up to 32 cores. In the run-up (not only Intel) assumed that AMD would only expand the threadripper to 24 cores, which Intel wanted to gallantly top with its 28 core announcement. Apparently even at AMD only 24 cores were planned internally until shortly before the press conference, as this thread wants to prove.

The then announced 32 cores, on the other hand, made Intel look literally old. The trouble at Intel was so big that they withdrew their demo processors from the manufacturer booths quite surprisingly. This PR point went therefore probably clearly to AMD...

Intel, on the other hand, mentioned a real surprise almost incidentally: They want to have developed a new display technology that reduces the power consumption of displays by up to 50 percent. Since, according to Intel, the display is the largest power consumer in the laptop, the new technology should be able to significantly increase battery life. However, Intel has not yet provided any further details on this. Only the spoiler that the technology requires an Intel GPU and will not be compatible with AMD or Nvidia.

Link more infos at bei www.theverge.com

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bildKiller-Workstation Prozessoren und Grafikkarten von AMD - Threadripper II mit 32 Cores bildUSB 3.2 Übertragungs-Speed im ersten Real-Test

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Intels revolutionäre Display Akku-Spar Technologie sowie Core i7-8086K und 28 Kerne-Workstation-CPU

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