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Intel to launch new

Intel to launch new "Sapphire Rapids" HEDT processors - but in a year at the earliest

[17:29 mon,5.July 2021   by ]    

Videocardz claims to have learned once again very specific roadmap data on Intel's HEDT processors. HEDT stands for High End Desktop Processors, which are usually almost completely derived from corresponding XEON workstation processors - but are marketed to so-called enthusiasts relatively cheaply by Intel standards. Especially for demanding video editors, HEDT processors are usually the best choice because, among other things, they offer a faster memory connection than "normal" desktop processors and at the same time offer higher clock speeds than server processors.

In recent years, however, AMD has surprisingly been able to put a spanner in Intel's works and package brute CPU performance much more attractively with its Threadripper series. The Threadrippers were so popular that some observers were already asking whether Intel might even abandon the HEDT sector altogether.

This is obviously not happening. There will definitely be HEDT offshoots of Intel's upcoming "Sapphire Rapids" platform again. This would mean that Intel's 11th and 12th processor generations would be left out of the HEDT series. In return, there would be support for PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 for the upcoming HEDT CPUs.


However, since the roadmap leak from Videocardz is probably already a few weeks old, the launch of the "Sapphire Rapids" HEDT CPUs could also be delayed by another quarter. Because for the introduction of the first Sapphire Rapid XEONs, Intel only a few days ago also officially conceded further delays of about one quarter.

All this is likely to level further market shares for AMD. The upcoming "Chagal" Ryzen Threadripper 5000 is expected by the beginning of autumn at the latest, which should be based on the fresh Zen 3 cores. These should once again show a clear lead over Intel. And next year, Intel will probably have to compete with AMD's Zen4 platform with its "Sapphire Rapids" HEDT models.

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Intel bringt neue Sapphire Rapids HEDT-Prozessoren - aber frühestens in einem Jahr


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Intel bringt neue Sapphire Rapids HEDT-Prozessoren - aber frühestens in einem Jahr

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