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JVC with new professional monitor series: DT-V G2

[13:15 tue,15.November 2016   by ]    

JVH has four new Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) screens with mass of 16.5 posted "to 24" for the professional production under the new DT-V G2 series. All models used a 10-bit signal processing and can handle up to 16 Audiokanaele and visualize the stereo field and possible phase problems by Lissajous Meter. Additionally, the monitors have two soft keys, settings of color temperature, timecode display, SDISDI im Glossar erklärt closed captioning support, and built-in stereo speakers. Integrated are a waveform monitor, vectorscope, zebra, four gamma presets and Histogram. Additionally to the (dual link) HD-SDI interfaces provide the monitors 3G HD-SDI to uncompressed 1080p1080p im Glossar erklärt video at data rates of up to 3 Gbit / s by wearing. PIC 1: JVC DT-V Series G2 Both models DT V17G25(17 ") and DT-V24G2 (24") - of about a higher vertical resolution of 1,920 x support as a single 1,200 pixels - use a 10-bit IPS panel, which the EBU Class 2 requirements in terms of color space, gradation and GammaGamma im Glossar erklärt surpasses - the panels have a contrast ratio of 1,500: 1 and an extended scope gamma. Both monitors have, according to JVC (without giving precise technical details) an extremely wide viewing angle and excellent chromatic aberration. The two other models DT V17G2 (17 ") and DT-V21G2 (21") working against it with an 8-bit LCD panel. JVC specifies the following prices: around $ 3,000 for the DT-V17G2Z, $ 4,150 for the DT-V17G25Z, $ 3,550 for the DT-V21G2Z and approximately $ 4,300 for the DT-V24G2Z. PIC 2: JVC DT-V24G2

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Link more infos at bei jvcpro.de

deutsche Version dieser Seite: JVC mit neuer Profi-Monitor-Serie: DT-V G2


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: JVC mit neuer Profi-Monitor-Serie: DT-V G2

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