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Jarred Land - Interview about the RED KOMODO 6K

Jarred Land - Interview about the RED KOMODO 6K

[12:03 tue,6.October 2020   by ]    

After the hybrid full format DSLMs have made huge leaps in recent months, the question inevitably arises as to how this will affect the market for low-cost cinecams under 10,000 Euros. Canon has already provided an answer with the C70, which is already targeting significantly cheaper cine cameras such as Blackmagic&s URSA Mini Pro or Panasonic&s EVA1.
RED also wanted to establish itself in cheaper cine camera regions at the beginning of the year. But - supposedly due to corona - the broad introduction of KOMODO is delayed even further. After all, there are already hundreds of handmade beta-models of the camera with which RED can still gain experience for series production.

This is one of the contents of a rather long interview with Jarred Land in the Film and Digital Times. Among other things, the patient reader learns that the KOMODO was/is used during the shooting of Matrix 4.
But more exciting is the insight, what will set KOMODO apart from other cameras in this price range: Thus as a unique selling proposition the Global ShutterShutter im Glossar erklärt is carried out. And should RED really have succeeded in developing a global shutter sensor with cinematic dynamics, it would be (not only in this price range) a pretty good sales argument: Because previous global shutter sensors had a loss of dynamics of 3 to 5 f-stops compared to comparable rolling shutter sensors.


But if you get a grip on the dynamics, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages: With fast movements (especially in action shots) nothing bends in the image anymore. Also, digital stabilization in post-production works classes better because the pixel geometry is preserved in the image.

It is also worth mentioning that despite the RF mount, the camera will only be able to master autofocus with adapted EF lenses, and not even exceptionally well ("Ours is not rock star autofocus."). Besides Jarred has only good words for the DSLM competition:

"Canon makes some amazing RF mount lenses. Their 28-70 mm f/2 zoom is a phenomenal lens. I just buy everything that Canon makes. It&s weird for me to be a cheerleader for Canon. I just think that they deserve a lot of credit because they do good stuff. Sony also did a fantastic job with the a7 and the a9 series. With the R cameras and RF lenses, Canon came back fierce and I love them.

One is not used to so much verbal love from RED, which of course makes the KIMODO even more likeable. According to the interview, the KOMODO will definitely cost ,000 when it becomes available. When exactly that will be, remains open...

Link more infos at bei www.fdtimes.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Jarred Land - FDT-Interview zum Stand der RED KOMODO 6K


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Jarred Land - FDT-Interview zum Stand der RED KOMODO 6K

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