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Kickstarter: Gimbal Arculus ONYX - interesting, but failed

Kickstarter: Gimbal Arculus ONYX - interesting, but failed

[11:41 tue,19.June 2018   by ]    

Unfortunately the kickstart project Arculus ONYX from New Zealand, which wanted to produce a new 3-axis gimbal, failed. Only a fraction of the hoped-for campaign goal of NZ,000 was achieved. The concept of the gimbal is interesting: to ensure the protection of the camera in action shooting situations, a different design was chosen instead of the usual construction: the ONYX Gimbal consists only of a rotating handle in which the camera is fixed in a round ring. Two transparent polycarbonate domes provide additional front and rear protection against falls, water or dirt.

The selected materials are noble: the construction consists of a 3D milled titanium alloy and a carbon fibre skin which is designed to save weight and protect the camera and the gimbal.
PIC1§:Arculus ONYX Gimbal
The gimbal itself weighs only 980 grams (without batteries) - it can stabilize cameras weighing up to 2kg, for example system cameras such as the Panasonic Gh4 or Sony A7s - and even larger cameras such as DSLRs cannot fit into the rather small gimbal housing - a disadvantage of the comprehensive protective construction. A slightly low load capacity compared to other gimbals these days. Software features such as time-lapse and hyperlapse are provided - the gimbal also masters classic gimbal functions such as Lock Axis or Follow Pan and Tilt.

But why did the project fail? After all, the team had a working prototype with an innovative concept. Perhaps the price of 2,599 New Zealand dollars (about 1,550 Euros) was too high - especially in view of the multitude of failed or at least strongly delayed kickstarter projects of recent times and well-developed attractive current gimbal alternatives. The delivery date was set for December 2018.

But apparently not enough potential buyers were convinced of the new Gimbal concept at the quite high price - and who wants to entrust such a large sum to an inexperienced team? Flaps, on the other hand, still do kickstarter campaigns from tried and tested teams such as Litra, who had achieved the campaign goal for LitraPro camera light in two hours.


Maybe the Arculus team will find another way to finance and produce the apparently well advanced project - at least we would be curious to see such a different gimbal in competition to the traditional ones.


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Link more infos at bei www.kickstarter.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Kickstarter: Gimbal Arculus ONYX - interessant, aber gescheitert

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