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LG introduces first bendable 48

LG introduces first bendable 48" OLED display

[18:47 mon,4.January 2021   by ]    

Display specialist LG has announced the first bendable 48" OLED display at virtual this year due to the Corona crisis (CES 2021). LG's Bendable Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO) is optimized for gaming and can be bent up to a radius of 1000mm. The new display can thus offer the advantages of both shapes without the disadvantages.

In the flat state, it is better suited as a TV for several viewers, in the curved state, it is completely tailored to one user - be it for gaming or for working - who is thus provided with the best possible large picture without distortions. If the price premium is not too high and the picture quality is high, then such a display would also be suitable for professional video editing: in the curved state for work and in the flat state, for example, for filming by customers or team sessions to view results.

Another special feature of the new display is the company's CSO technology, which allows OLED displays to vibrate and produce their own sound without using speakers, which has the advantage that the sound comes directly from the image and the figures on the screen thus virtually speak directly to the viewer. LG touts an extremely impressive sound from the new technology in its press release. The ultra-slim film exciter of the 48-inch bendable CSO display, i.e. the part that makes the display vibrate, has been reduced from 9 mm to a thickness of just 0.6 mm.

LG's 48" Bendable Gaming Display

The display quality is very high due to the use of an OLED panel, as each pixel is represented by a separate OLED and thus true black can be displayed by switching off individual OLEDs - unlike displays that use large-area backlighting. Typically, OLED displays also have a high brightness and a high color space coverage - however, LG has not yet released any further technical data such as resolution, maximum brightness or color space coverage for the new display, except that it has a maximum refresh rate of 40 to 120 Hz and a response time of 0.1 milliseconds.

LG's just released trailer for CES 2021 does not reveal any details either:

Rollable OLED TV already presented in 2018.
LG had already presented (unveiled) the prototype of a 65" OLED TV www.slashcam.de/news/single/LG-zeigt-einrollbaren-65--4K-OLED-Fernseher-14094.html at CES in 2018, which was completely (or even only partially) rollable to save space. In the meantime, the LG OLED 65 RX is available, but at a price of around 74,000 euros - so it will be a while before this practical technology finds its way into the living rooms of non-millionaires. The new 48" OLED display will hopefully be in a more affordable price range right from the start.

Roll-in LG OLED 65" TV

Transparent OLED Displays.
Among other new products, LG will also show a transparent display at CES 2021, which has a transparency of 40% and should be able to display images crystal clear. LG sees the application areas for such displays in various fields such as smart homes, smart buildings and mobility, including autonomous vehicles, airplanes and subways. LG says it is the only manufacturer of transparent OLED displays in the world to date.

LG's transparent display

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: LG stellt erstes biegbares 48" OLED Display vor

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