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Lilliput A10 - First 10.1 inches Field / control monitor with 4K (UHD) Display resolution

[10:26 wed,30.November 2016   by ]    

Monitor Manufacturer Lilliput seems to be the first in the compact 10.1 inch size with native 4K (UHD) boasts Resolution: The new Lilliput A10 comprises a an 8-bit IPS panel with 3840x2160 resolution with a PPI of 437, a contrast ratio of 1500: 1 with a brightness of 400cd / m. The price should be in dollars 599th PIC 1 Connections include DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMIHDMI im Glossar erklärt 2.0 (both with 4K, 60 Hz support) and 3G-SDI at your disposal. The Lilliput A10 also offers Quad Screen Display, False Colour, PeakingPeaking im Glossar erklärt, Image Flip, Over- and Under Scan and Screen Markers. Availability in Europe and euro prices have not been communicated.

Bilder zur Newsmeldung:

Link more infos at bei www.lilliputuk.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Lilliput A10 - erster 10.1 Zoll Field/Kontrollmonitor mit 4K (UHD) Auflösung


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Lilliput A10 - erster 10.1 Zoll Field/Kontrollmonitor mit 4K (UHD) Auflösung

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