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Looking Glass 65

Looking Glass 65

[16:23 Wed,8.June 2022   by ]    

Holo specialist Looking Glass Factory has announced the largest holographic display to date with the highest resolution. The Looking Glass 65" has - like the Looking Glass 8K, which was only 32" - a resolution of 8K with a refresh rate of 60 fps as well as 10 bit color depth and offers a 3D display, which is visible from a relatively large viewing angle, so that the holo effect can be experienced by several (according to Looking Glass up to 50) people at the same time.

Looking Glass 65"

The new holo display - now the fourth Looking Glass display after an 8.9", 15.6" and a 32" model - is five times larger than any other 3D holographic display and 50 times larger than any other holographic display visible to groups ever launched, according to Looking Glass Factory. One image offers 100 views (more than twice as many as the 32" Looking Glass 8K) from different viewing angles, which are enabled as before via lenticular lenses in front of a normal 8K panel (7,680 × 4,320 pixels). However, this also means that a single image only has a hundredth of the original 8K resolution, or slightly more due to the stereo effect.

The manufacturer doesn&t give any details about the viewing angle, but it should only be about 50° effectively, similar to the 32" Looking Glass 8K - the display including the holographic attachment with lenticular lenses is now only 3" (7.62cm) deep. As with previous models, the viewer does not need to put on 3D glasses to view the holo effect.

Its size allows for new usage scenarios as it can also be viewed by groups of people, such as experimental marketing, 3D storytelling, engineering and design. The "Looking Glass 65" is even already being used for the first holographic documentary. This week, Springbok Entertainment will premiere its new film, titled Zanzibar: Trouble in Paradise, on the "Looking Glass 65" as part of the Tribeca Festival 2022 immersive program. Zanzibar: Trouble in Paradise is not only the first holographic film or documentary on a Looking Glass display, but also the first holographic film or documentary ever in competition at the Tribeca Festival.

As with its predecessor, it will be possible to convert almost any 3D content/model for the system using the included suite of SDKs and utilities. Using the SDK, it will presumably also be possible to implement interactive apps with all kinds of controllers on the market (such as the Leap Motion Controller, Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers, Intel RealSense, Microsoft Kinect, Xbox Game Controller) on the new model, e.g. to manipulate a 3D object in the display by hand (rotate, scale or transform it). 3D objects can be imported in the usual formats from programs like Maya, Blender, Solidworks, Z-Brush, AutoCAD or Cinema4D.

Here is a demo of the 32" Looking Glass 8K:

Looking Glass launched www.slashcam.de/news/single/Das-erste--quasi--holographische-Display-fuer-den-D-14496.html for the first desktop holographic display(2018 with a Kickstarter campaign) and has since refined its technology, steadily increasing the size and resolution of its holographic displays.

Looking Glass 65" Facts

- The only 65-inch holographic display on the market without a headset
- Can be viewed by groups of up to 50 people by creating up to 100 different perspectives
- Holographic display with the highest resolution of 8K
- Easy installation including application development tools
- Thin 3" display
- High compatibility: works with Looking Glass& plugins for Unity, Unreal, Blender and other software applications.

No release date or price is mentioned yet, for orientation: the 32" 8K Looking Glass costs ,000 and will start shipping in August 2022. Looking Glass Factory also offers a service to turn 2D into holographic 3D images, presumably using special Deep Learning algorithms. According to Looking Glass CEO Shawn Frayne, 65 inches is just the beginning.

Link more infos at bei lookingglassfactory.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Looking Glass 65" 8K: bisher größtes holographisches Display vorgestellt


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Looking Glass 65" 8K: bisher größtes holographisches Display vorgestellt

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