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Micro LED, Neo QLED and (not yet) QD OLED - Samsung's TV technologies 2022

Micro LED, Neo QLED and (not yet) QD OLED - Samsung's TV technologies 2022

[11:16 mon,3.January 2022   by ]    

Tomorrow, the Consumer Electronics Show 2022 starts - now with fewer exhibitors than originally expected, after all, because of Omicron. And Samsung has already presented its upcoming models before its own keynote, which have also always shown where the trend of display technologies is going in the years before. The buzzwords are Micro LED, Neo QLED and QD OLED.

Not only Apple is waiting for the Micro LED technology for the broader masses, but Samsung will also keep a Micro LED TV as a niche product for very affluent customers in 2022.


So far, Samsung has only offered two models with 99 and 110 inches for 130,000 and 150,000 euros, respectively. This year, there should be a smaller version (89 inches / 226 cm diagonal), which might be available for 100,000 euros.

The micro-LED models in 2022 are said to offer 20-bit gray gradations and be able to cover 100 percent DCI-P3 / Adobe RGB. The maximum brightness is said to be 2,000 nits.


For the significantly smaller wallet, Samsung's flagship TV will again feature Neo QLED technology for official picture quality. The 2022 series has a new "Neo Quantum Processor" that is supposed to be able to regulate the mini-LED backlight in 14 instead of 12 bit gradations, so there are 16,384 (instead of 4,096 brightness levels) for each mini-LED. Using "Shape Adaptive Lighting", AI algorithms are supposed to recognize lines, shapes and surfaces in content to adapt the backlight to them. The EyeComfort mode uses an integrated light sensor to adjust brightness and white point to the ambient light.

Last but not least, another technology was conspicuous by its absence: Although Samsung's display unit announced QD OLED panels last year, Samsung has not yet announced any specific TV models for 2022 with this technology before CES 2022.

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Micro LED, Neo QLED und (noch kein) QD-OLED - Samsungs TV-Technologien 2022

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